sidebar 2005.12.21
heheh, wow.

Just last night I was buying Evil Bastard some of that "smartwater" stuff. Usually you can get that stuff flavored with fruit flavors or mint or what not...but Sake would be a new one.
--Kirk Wed Dec 21 12:39:50 2005
Did you at least get a buzz then screw like crazy because you were told to abstain while drinking Sake?
--The_Lex Thu Dec 22 10:26:04 2005
--Kirk Thu Dec 22 12:09:04 2005
I actually found out just last night that sake doesn't have a very long shelf life -- it usually lasts about a month, and doesn't age like wine.
--Nick B Thu Dec 22 15:45:17 2005
I'm just having fun word play with both entries, is all. Silly me. . ..
--The_Lex Fri Dec 23 18:18:54 2005
Oh, I thought this was some weird thing you knew from ErinMaru's past.

--Kirk Sat Dec 24 11:06:01 2005
That stands to reason, Nick-- sake is more like beer than wine in terms of how it's made, and beer doesn't age well.
--LAN3 Sat Dec 24 17:51:18 2005