sidebar 2006.01.31
Heh, yeah....I'm having some creep up in waist size as well. Gottafigure out how to get that back under control...
--Kirk Tue Jan 31 12:54:23 2006
Me too, except it's in my bosom and not my waist. I'm going today to get a new bra. What comes after Double D? Double E? 
--Erinmaru Tue Jan 31 18:33:18 2006
Oh, now you're just advertising.
--Kirk Tue Jan 31 19:22:33 2006
I'm not mega-pround of my 40" waist, but since I've had it for at least 8 years, A) everything fits and B) at least I'm not packing it on, despite some of my lesser moments in the "eating right" department.
--LAN3 Wed Feb 1 02:38:14 2006
<chuckle> I succeeded in Bra shopping. I'm not actually a Double D (just a plain D). The Target was in the heart of Hollywood. A lady in the Bra section called out to here friend in a lovely British accent; I'm over here, in the Boobie section.
--Erinmaru Wed Feb 1 04:14:54 2006
The fiancee made a comment about the paradoxes of boob sizes and weight the other day, but I can't remember for the life of me how to quote it in a way that communicates her cleverness.
--The_Lex Wed Feb 1 12:50:14 2006
One friend claimed that previously she lived up to this "boobs on a stick" "ideal", but later grew more voluptuous.

The funny thing is guys who have a sterotypical vision of feminine beauty who then get all excited about the number part of the measurement and not the cupsize, since I understand that number relates to the size of the chest under the breast, and is thus only tangentally related to the actual boob size.
--Kirk Wed Feb 1 14:38:33 2006