sidebar 2006.02.08
Erin, we are glad you are enjoying the warm weather. How is that 80 degrees working out for you during the 8 hours a day that it is technically "Rush Hour"? Remember, put extra sunscreen on your left arm, driver's tan is embarassing. 

Hugs and Kisses
----EvilB Thu Feb 9 09:40:11 2006
I like the seasons.

I've heard seasons are more regular in the Mid-West. I look forward to seeing if that's true.
--The_Lex Thu Feb 9 12:41:24 2006
How bad is Chicaco for "Lake Effect Snow"? Cleveland was terrible because all the cold air from Canada would pick up moisture passing over Erie and dump it on us; Chicago is to the east of the Lake though right?
--Kirk Thu Feb 9 15:08:50 2006
83 degrees today. Flowers blooming. I'm beginning to think seasons aren't all they are chocked up to be. Santa Anna winds blow sometimes. Wildfires at the border of the suburbs, and one mudslide despite no rain.(?) How is Florida, John?
--Erin Maru Thu Feb 9 18:08:55 2006
Chicago is to the West of the Lake Michigan.

Next weekend, I'm going to be in Chicago for the first time really in the winter. Should be enlightening
--The_Lex Fri Feb 10 12:18:57 2006
Sorry, that's what I meant, Chicago is to the West, so gets the cold air before it passes over the lake. Does it get much "lake effect"?
--Kirk Fri Feb 10 12:51:05 2006