sidebar 2006.02.13
:-) You might want to clarify that "doc" is documentary for those of us not in the hollywood in-crowd like you :-)

Wish it could come, good luck on the interview!
--Mr. Ibis Tue Feb 14 15:17:49 2006
Good luck!
There are so many retarded puns to be made here.... what's up doc, hope it doesn't get 'pan'ned, etc.
--Kirk Wed Feb 15 16:34:24 2006
oddly, you are neither African, nor a pan.

----Sheezees Wed Feb 15 23:09:55 2006

I studied my fair share of African-American literature in college... the only way I could get classes for my "foreign culture" requirement that would count towards my English major (everything else was in, tada, foreign languages...)
--Kirk Wed Feb 15 23:30:37 2006