sidebar 2006.02.28
Hmmmmmm. And that would be the gift certificate I have you maybe four or five Christmases ago? Nice.
--YELAS Tue Feb 28 22:52:10 2006

Errr....yeh. The few times I've been to the Prudential in intervening years I didn't have it with me, so now it's in my bag with me all the time, but I haven't been there since! 

Oy...i just looked, it's pre-Y2K.

It was a very good and thoughtful gift though! 
--Kirk Wed Mar 1 12:22:47 2006
Also, I just used a $5 gift certificate from Friendly's Mo grabbed from work in like there's hope...
--Kirk Wed Mar 1 12:25:26 2006
The more business travel you do, the less you'll bring with you.
--Cole Fri Mar 3 12:15:25 2006
that's defintely true in terms of clothing...and probably mildly so in terms of gadgets, but deinfately stuff like the USB cellcharger and wireless mouse are way handy to have on a trip like this.
--Kirk Fri Mar 3 15:39:37 2006