sidebar 2006.03.22
Where do you usually go?
--Kirk Wed Mar 22 12:01:22 2006
Beau, I could not agree more. I try to do it as much as humanly possible, and alone, because it's the only time I can get an hour (ish) of uninterrupted, mostly undistracted reading time. (And if I get distracted, it at least leads me to pleasant daydreaming instead of watching bad TV.) If I have more than 2 days out of a workweek in which I can't have lunch alone (usually because I'm having a fun lunch with friends) I nonetheless start to bristle a little. I turn down lunch offers if I get up to 3 non-reading lunch hours in a work week.
--LAN3 Wed Mar 22 18:28:47 2006
LAN3- I so relate to that. Both in the general, but also the specific of those CD opener things. I never seem to have them where I need them.

As for lunch, The company does a good job of keeping me in the office for lunch, since they pay for it and have it delivered. Also, I end up feeling vaguely guilty leaving the office during the day. Not for any rational reason of course.
--Mr. Ibis Wed Mar 22 20:55:07 2006
Actually, after a day of cubicling it up, I appreciate a social lunch.

Or maybe it's because I manage to sneak in enough reading time around the edges.
--Kirk Thu Mar 23 01:06:01 2006
I read on the weekends, mainly over meals in fact, but by meals I mean a period of reading that started with eating. Some of the local restaurants have grown tolerant of my weekend abuse of their free-refills policy. But yeah, during the week, I don't get anything read except at lunch-- too many fun things at home, to say nothing of obligations, take time away from reading. And I can't read in bed unless I'm in the home stretch of a really great book.
--LAN3 Thu Mar 23 04:26:42 2006
There are no better places to go than the local diner/sandwich places. Lately Subway has been a pleasure simply for convenience since it is less than a block away. (It doesn't hurt at all that Subway helps feed my Coke addiction with unlimited refills ... that is where the extra 20 lbs. come from).
--Beau Fri Mar 24 12:56:08 2006
Subway staff know the sandwich I am going to order when I belly up to the counter, no discussion necessary ... that is sad.
--Beau Fri Mar 24 12:57:37 2006
Putting the belly back into belly up.

It's nice when you're a regular somewhere, and if you happen to always get the same thing and they pick up on that, so much the better. At a subplace near an old job, it was turkey sub, everything but the hots, mustard instead of mayo...
--Kirk Fri Mar 24 13:00:08 2006