sidebar 2006.04.19
But if you pick it apart, it kind of seems like it would mean "the anatomy of men". And that might be considered sexist. And maybe gross to some. So maybe that's why.
--i put the men in menotomy Thu Apr 20 00:38:21 2006
Or, as I'm sure the makers of would attest, it too easily becomes "Monotony"
--Kirk Thu Apr 20 11:21:28 2006
it IS rather monotonous. 
--FoSO Thu Apr 20 11:22:35 2006
But also melifulous!

We wouldn't have to envision (or whatever the audio version of that word is) the T conductor going "AAAAHW-ling-ton" because of the stop that shares the name.
--Kirk Thu Apr 20 11:43:58 2006
Menotomy could also sound like an Scientological operation-- getting some male operating thetans (men OT) extracted. 
--LAN3 Fri Apr 21 04:36:19 2006