sidebar 2006.05.15
"And that price is measured in trips up and down the stairs"...and that price is increased by a "large honking wall unit that wouldn't fit upstiars so now its in the passageway to the basement and you always have to squeeze past it with your box of stuff" tax... wheels within wheels.

Hmm, maybe I should change the sidebar editor so double spaces aren't auto-preserved...
--Kirk Mon May 15 11:46:31 2006
noooo! i live and die by double spaces between my sentences.

EB, congratulations again! when's the little one due?
--FoSO Mon May 15 12:03:24 2006
Thanks, FoSO. The little one's debut is slated between June 6 and 12. Theatre renovations are proceeding apace, and we should have all the major set components in place.  Kirk has been amazingly helpful as a stagehand :). 
----EB Mon May 15 12:31:33 2006
yay! looking forward to meeting him or her... do you know yet?
--FoSO Mon May 15 12:51:18 2006
I have to empathize with your moving plight. Out here in Chicago, we just gave away a bunch of broken down boxes to Craigslist groupies but still have a buttload of boxes to unpack. . .but most of them we can't unpack until we get shelves from IKEA that match our scheme . .and the worst part is that a lot of those boxes don't have books in them!

Fortunately, though, we have the luck of going down in floor space but gaining arrangement of walls and closets.

Hope everyone's all right with all the flooding going on out there in New England!
--The_Lex Mon May 15 15:03:27 2006
Jesse, I'm sure I'd be singing a different tune if I were one of the people affected but so far the significant issues seem to be localized to a relatively small # of communities. it's getting top press at CNN, but for most of us it's just a lot of really wet roadways (bad for hydroplaning) and possibly waterlogged basements. However, they say there's often a delayed reaction for the most siginificant river-rising action, so we'll have to play wait and see...
--Kirk Mon May 15 16:18:56 2006
Evil B, I never thought of it that way, but you're right, the wall space counts for so much. Even though we're in a house now in FL, the wallspace is lesser than the apartment in Everett (which was a gem). Next time I move (let that be a long time from now), I'll keep an eye on that.

Y'all be glad you don't need to buy Hurricane insurance. Yeesh.
--Mr. Ibis Mon May 15 17:26:35 2006
So, does Wall Space most usefully a measure of area you could place shelves on, i.e. preferably w/o a window, and one where you won't feel squished if you have a bookshelf or modular storage there?
--Kirk Mon May 15 19:13:05 2006
Hey Kirk - count yourself blessed that you weren't called to deal with our emergency from the rain. Picture your Uncle Bill and Cousin Billy up on the roof in the storm Sunday morning - patching where it was leaking into the attic and then down through the ceiling light OVER MY BED!
--YELAS Mon May 15 22:43:27 2006
Ugh! Let me know if you need help. And like I've said elsewhere, that's definately one of the pluses of not owning my own home... a similar situation for me would largely be someone else's problem...
--Kirk Tue May 16 00:07:30 2006
Wow. . .I never totally grokked how the news sensationalizes things. Understood it, but didn't grok it.

After hearing people living in the supposed geographic area where the flooding is taking place, I'm a little closer to grokking the concept.
--The_Lex Wed May 17 03:46:51 2006