sidebar 2006.05.21
study study stu-
dy study study study
study study spring!
--Kirk Sun May 21 10:33:37 2006
yesterday had hail
rain and clouds and fog last week
god, new england sucks
--miller Mon May 22 13:58:40 2006
Had all that in Chicago last week, too, including the hail.
--The_Lex Mon May 22 15:38:10 2006
but now it's gorgeous
blue skies, young things in mostly
skin. i love this town!

--FoSO Mon May 22 21:25:21 2006
oh, sure it's nice now..
but this is still new england.
i bet it won't last.
--miller Mon May 22 23:11:34 2006
wildfires aren't my game,
keep your earthquakes and mud slides.
maple syrup rules!

--FoSO Tue May 23 10:43:16 2006
now what did i say?
see how cold it is today!
it's supposed to rain.
--miller Tue May 23 11:27:41 2006
rain, chill, seldom sun
for chrissake it's almost june!
new england, like old...
--Kirk Tue May 23 11:42:03 2006
red sox beat the yanks
wakefield and 'belli tonight
i live for this shit

so complain about
the rain, my boys always play
in new england rain
--FoSO Tue May 23 13:00:39 2006
except when they don't...
not even good days for ducks!
so, double headers

--Kirk Tue May 23 13:24:48 2006
hey, wait a second!
shouldn't you be studying?
get back to work, yo.
--miller Wed May 24 00:22:21 2006
dude, i need a break
from work-work and study work
nine days 'till i fail!
--FoSO Wed May 24 10:37:38 2006
nose to the grindstone
even through the morning chill
you're smart; you'll do fine
--Kirk Wed May 24 11:52:57 2006
haiku are fun but
these "breaks" are pretty frequent.
good luck all the same.
--miller Wed May 24 16:51:38 2006