sidebar 2006.05.31

We're rooting for you! Let us know if there's anything we can do!!!

Funny how "this week" translates into getting out of bed "right now"
--Kirk Wed May 31 09:19:36 2006
Just don't start bugging her with "Do you feel anything yet?"
You'll definitely know.
--YELM Wed May 31 10:30:44 2006
I guess that should have been "KELM".
--KELM Wed May 31 10:31:49 2006
yipeee!!!! can't wait! 
--FoSO Wed May 31 10:47:57 2006
Thanks for all the kind thoughts. Hospital wireless permitting, you all will be among the first to know :). Hey Kirk, do I get room for a photo in the sidebar?

----EB Wed May 31 13:03:06 2006
Yeah, I never got around to making the proper upload mechanism, but email me an image and I can put it on any given sidebar entry.

Squishy Baby Photos Ahoy? ;-)
--Kirk Wed May 31 13:06:59 2006
Yay! Babe on the way! Be sure to greet him/her the same way Kirk does his money from the ATM ;)
--ErinMaru Wed May 31 15:15:10 2006
"Hello, Money!"?

Odd, that.
--Kirk Wed May 31 15:32:31 2006
I think it was my potato salad that moved things along so nicely. We can call the baby 'Tater?

Remember the offer of a place to crash!

--KELAS/YELAS Wed May 31 18:21:56 2006
Thanks Kelas, we may take you up on the place to crash, but we are gonna have to pass on 'Tater. :)

----EB Wed May 31 23:04:49 2006
No 'Tater Toddler here.
--Kirk Thu Jun 1 00:15:39 2006
you may find interesting. i did and i'm not going to be a father by any stretch of the imagination any time soon..
--miller Thu Jun 1 13:41:02 2006