sidebar 2006.06.03
Like a home game or away game?

--Kirk Sun Jun 4 02:43:10 2006
good question!
--FoSO Sun Jun 4 09:27:25 2006
Actually, I was thinking it'd be a cool metaphor if it was 11-3 in the bottom of a home game vs. the Yankees at the top of their order... you're pretty sure everything is going to be just fine, but there are enough risk elements that you just can't relax and take things for granted.
--Kirk Sun Jun 4 12:43:27 2006
I tell you, this is what I love about doing the sidebar. Quite regularly, the comments are better than the post.  While I do like your metaphor Kirk, I have to stick with mine. Let me elaborate.

Its like the bottom of the ninth inning of a tied home game against the Yankees, 8th man up. You are sitting dead away center, section 39. It's 11 pm, and about 54 degrees. The Yankee's are on their worst reliever.

You don't know which way its going to or how much longer you will be waiting. You are fairly certain the top of the order will take care of business.

What was I trying to make this a metaphor for? I forget.

----EB Sun Jun 4 15:02:58 2006