sidebar 2006.06.05
stay home!!!
--FoSO Mon Jun 5 10:51:21 2006
How far away is work?

What are your telecommuting options?
--Kirk Mon Jun 5 11:15:48 2006
Oh, and "how fast do you need to get her to the hospital"?
--Kirk Mon Jun 5 11:16:13 2006
My ex-mother-in-law had that problem so her husband took her for a ride on the back of his motor scooter. The ride ended at the hospital.
Maybe that's why my ex was nuts. ;o)
--xoxoxo Bruce Mon Jun 5 17:53:46 2006
i hear spicy food is supposed to hasten the event. and sex, though don't know how comfortable that might be right now! ;)
--FoSO Mon Jun 5 19:08:02 2006
So she should eat spicy food while having sex on a motor scooter on the way to the hospital if we want to induce labor. Ok, I'll pass that along.
----EB Mon Jun 5 22:10:02 2006
----EBSO Mon Jun 5 22:10:50 2006
I'm with EBSO!
x 10
As a matter of fact, I'lldo it for her.
--YELAS / KELAS Mon Jun 5 22:23:15 2006