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ever brown
elephant balls
erudite bunny
electronic brick
--FoSO Sun Jun 18 11:13:04 2006
electroniques boutique
Erica Bia...never mind.
Maybe we could change it to "Evel", as in Knievel?

FWIW I use "kirkjerk" without really trying to say that I'm a jerk.
--Kirk Sun Jun 18 12:48:25 2006
eloquent bravado?
No wait!
I got it!
--Candi Sun Jun 18 16:03:59 2006
Everybody's buddy.
--Kirk Sun Jun 18 16:32:29 2006
Enlightened Being
Extra Bossy
Eternally Bonkers
Errrrr Bane?

Kirk - re:kirkjerk. Don't be so sure.

--YELAS Sun Jun 18 19:31:42 2006
Using an alias like Evil Bastard or Kirkjerk may not work best for the subconscious, either, reinforcing a behavior you wouldn't like to continue.

Just a thought!
--The_Lex Mon Jun 19 05:23:50 2006
or best of all
--Kirk Mon Jun 19 09:36:38 2006
your dad = silly.
--:) FoSO Mon Jun 19 12:07:32 2006
"He made us laugh"
--yelm Mon Jun 19 14:10:37 2006
(That was his epitath)
--Kirk Mon Jun 19 14:28:49 2006
and he still is! 
--FoSO Mon Jun 19 15:27:14 2006
Though somehow
"He's *STILL* making us laugh!!"
lacks some of the gravitas that the best gravestones carry.

That final moose antlers pic, I got contacted by some dumb little website who asked to use it as their icon for "really random".
--Kirk Mon Jun 19 16:25:52 2006
did you let them use it?
--FoSO Mon Jun 19 18:44:06 2006
Sure, why not... there was actually a further reason why "moose antlers" was associated with random for them, some group in-joke. And I don't think my dad would've minded all that much.
--Kirk Tue Jun 20 09:33:33 2006
EB and I brainstormed a few more possible "backronyms" for EB... some were extremely blatantly sexual in nature, but I think he ended up liking "entirely benevolent" as a kind of polar opposite to the previous meaning.
--Kirk Tue Jun 20 15:33:59 2006
--miller Tue Jun 20 17:46:00 2006