sidebar 2006.06.21
zzz zz z zzzz zzzz
zzzz z zzzz zzz zzz zzzz zzz
zzz zzz zzzz z zzz
--Kirk Thu Jun 22 03:01:25 2006
For the record that was supposed to be a counter haiku, not a commentary on EB's posts.
--Kirk Thu Jun 22 15:04:15 2006
your counter haiku
rendered my haiku defunct
now, here is revenge 
----EB Thu Jun 22 16:38:32 2006
You call that revenge???
Baby'd make more of a fight!
"Evil" B, my butt!
--Kirk Thu Jun 22 18:21:41 2006
fatal wound bleeding
haiku powers slip away
FoSO, avenge me!
----EB Thu Jun 22 22:54:53 2006
how can i resist
this appeal to save the day?
prep for a smack down!

dude, comparing babe
to dad is a real low blow
to the proud papa

let's keep this friendly
by now you know that i'm the
mistress du haiku

--FoSO Fri Jun 23 13:33:12 2006
here we go again..
but wait, what is this about
eliza dushku?
--miller Fri Jun 23 16:31:05 2006
that babe's a hottie
sho' nuff. don't get me started
on that bare midriff!
--FoSO Fri Jun 23 17:38:49 2006
oh all you people
recall the names of celebs...
all alike to me

except madonna...
sweet "sex"-era madonna
sweet sweet madonna
--Kirk Fri Jun 23 18:01:03 2006
dude, your sad haiku
mojo is getting me down
do NOT repeat words!
--FoSO Fri Jun 23 19:09:19 2006
poetic device!
("i was an english major..."
such a good excuse)

and not only that,
but we have all been lacking
with that "season" thing
--Kirk Fri Jun 23 20:30:35 2006
five syllables here
seven syllables go here
and this line has five.

by definition,
haiku are about nature
but who really cares?

--miller Sat Jun 24 03:57:52 2006
we're in the city
where there's not so much nature
but there's summer heat...

take that!
--FoSO Sat Jun 24 11:52:14 2006
(psst.. your next stanza only has two syllables!)
--miller Mon Jun 26 13:37:58 2006
hee hee!
--FoSO Mon Jun 26 14:10:57 2006
two beats...
not much.
be quick!
--Kirk Mon Jun 26 17:21:45 2006
one fish, two fish
red fish, blue fish..
--miller Tue Jun 27 14:51:37 2006