sidebar 2006.06.30
Yeah, and thinks for making me the yard stick for belching capacity when my Mom and Aunt were over...
--Kirk Fri Jun 30 11:24:56 2006
But how hilarious for you and everyone who knows about the conditioning! Maybe you won't have to act defensively when a date picks her. . .just wait until she burps.
--The_Lex Fri Jun 30 11:25:06 2006
and your grammar has suffered, terribly.

i must confess to doing some calorie-saving myself.

i am now adequately prepared for your loopiness. 

i was planning on chugging a beer the moment i get home, please feel free to join me.
--FoSO Fri Jun 30 18:57:31 2006
On the other side of the fence, I had lunch with coworkers that involved a bit too much food. I am glad I went for an extra swim this morning, but I have a feeling I will be right back to the gym tomorrow. 

Boy, does it smell delicious in my house right now.
----EB Fri Jun 30 20:16:30 2006
Oh, and Kirk, WRT belching. Your mom had already opened the floor on you as infant. I feel no shame over following up with the belching comparison. 
----EB Fri Jun 30 20:18:33 2006