sidebar 2006.07.02
Interesting. I didn't feel particularly hungry the next day, or today, though I feel bad about my calorie estimate for the evening being a total guess...
500 dumplings
150 noodles
200 leek pie
110 mochi
150 desert sticks
100 coffee

--Kirk Sun Jul 2 23:28:44 2006
Uh, and actually you're being a little vague in your last paragraph. I'm really not sure what you're on about.

Generally though, I find sticking to just calorie counting with only an oblique eye for nutrition (a combination of knowing you should eat *something* good for you, along with knowing that most empty calories aren't that satisfying) to be a very satisfying way of life, when your indulgences are enumerated you can actually "get away with more" and don't have to feel guilty.

And "moderate" success might be a bit of an understatement. Not a HUGE understatement, but some of one.
--Kirk Mon Jul 3 02:05:07 2006