sidebar 2006.07.07
Hmmm. Devo has whips, but BMG has tubes and those big drum mallets. Tough call.
--Max Fri Jul 7 15:15:43 2006
I was reading something about in Wired about how Devo (esp with that youth "Devo 2.0" thing) had at one point considered making further devo troops, since it was the style more than the individual performers that was the thing. It struck me as very Blue Man-ish... Both groups have similar outlooks to music and popculture I think, though I know a lot more about Blue Man at this point.
--Kirk Fri Jul 7 15:40:07 2006
--Cordelia Sat Jul 8 13:12:06 2006
In a rasslin' match, Devo would have a tough time getting a grasp on grease-painted BMG dudes.

However, Devo wears those pyramid helmets, so they would be less vulnerable to blows to the head.

I would only take Bjork in a fight versus a swan.
--Cole Mon Jul 10 12:54:09 2006