sidebar 2006.07.15
amazing, I was going to write a sidebar on my dream last night! It featured a young man that really exists. In the dream, I had a crush on him and when I awoke, I remembered I HAD had a crush on him. He was too young for me, and I gave up the crush as soon as a bitch of an exfriend found out about it. Funny how you can completely forget the bubbly feelings you had for some one. 
--erinmaru Tue Jul 18 23:19:12 2006
i used to have a recurring dream about someone i wanted to apologize to. never gave the apology as we fell out of touch. don't have the dream anymore...
--FoSO Wed Jul 19 11:39:35 2006
Hey Evil B: I saw a license plate that could provide you with a parody of your current alias: Lawful B
--The_Lex Sun Jul 30 00:22:15 2006