sidebar 2006.07.30
Didn't old D+D cover that pretty well, with two axis: Chaotic/Neutral/Lawful, and Good/Neutral/Evil ?

Here for a related joke:
--Kirk Sun Jul 30 12:09:30 2006
I like "law abiding" rather than "law following." Then again, I can be a anal grammarian at times, even if I don't utilize it correctly all the time.
--The_Lex Sun Jul 30 12:15:39 2006
What's the difference in the terms?

"Abiding" seems to suggest an additional layer of following the spirit of the law, where as "following" seems to be more limited to just the formal rule aspect.
--Kirk Mon Jul 31 12:23:31 2006
I guess, if anything, it might not be so much grammar or connotation as in the flow of accenting. The 'law' syllable is stressed, 'a' is not, 'bid' is and 'ing' is not.

As compared to 'law' is stressed, 'foll' is, 'ow' is not and 'ing' is (?).

So I prefer the iambic verse the stress, stress, not stress, stress.

Unfortunately, I understand the use of these poetic tools but not the proper terms.
--The_Lex Wed Aug 2 04:06:16 2006