sidebar 2006.08.03
Ummm... congrats?

(Of course the cynic in me wants to say... hey, just in time for our next recession! ...but who knows. In any case, that too shall pass.)
--Kirk Thu Aug 3 14:15:19 2006 recession...
My point exactly. More low pay, Big Promises, and amatuer business managers. I just finished filming the website / clickthroughs to make an advertising reel to send to potential sponsers. They don't know how to make money off the site yet. NATCH!
--Erinmaru Thu Aug 3 15:15:58 2006
Ooh boy.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm in a company that's kind of startup in mood as well, even if it's been around for a while, and has some veteran folk on the business end.
--Kirk Thu Aug 3 16:14:15 2006
I think it would probably more appropriately be called the 'Social Technology Boom.' The companies have finally realized that people need something more than an information site or advertisements to attract attention. They need to provide networking and people connection value.

After this past weekend, though, I've come to really appreciate block parties and fairs. They do something of a good job to somewhat counteract the Internet and getting people to actually interact with each other in the material world beyond saying excuse me and trying to get past them on the sidewalk.
--The_Lex Thu Aug 3 19:09:03 2006