sidebar 2006.08.04
Adorable. I bet that was really cool to actually catch a nest hatching. P.S. to the Lex, I got your Wedding Annoucement, Congrats! When were you at the Getty?
--Erinmaru Fri Aug 4 14:03:56 2006

The Return of Queen Sarah!!!!!

We knew it was inevitable,after all:

que sera, que sarah!

(Dang it, scared her off, now its going to be another umptynine months before she posts again )
----EB Sat Aug 5 14:07:31 2006
Thanks for the congrats. I think we made it to the Getty, I don't know, almost two years ago. Kind of feels like yesterday. I don't think you were living in LA then.

As for the turtles, I like the bittersweet entry. . .but shouldn't the turtles huddling into the ocean been a little sad, too, with animals of prey eating the baby turtles and such. . .nature, by itself, isn't necessarily pretty, either. Just something worth mentioning.
--The_Lex Sat Aug 5 19:50:33 2006
But that time, there were no predators...All was well.
--ciricle of life Sun Aug 6 23:13:54 2006
antelopes eat grass
lions eat antelopes
lions poop antelope
poop fertilizes grass
and thus the circle is complete
--Kirk Mon Aug 7 17:31:38 2006