sidebar 2006.08.09
ice cream (except for moose tracks from camille's)
fancy 'ipo roadshow' desserts
alcohol (surprisingly)
crappy candy in the dish in my boss' kitchen

rice pudding
moose tracks (see above)
big italian lunches in atlanta (doesn't count because it's vaca)
snickers bite from dish of candy at thai restaurant in lexington

--FoSO Thu Aug 10 10:59:05 2006
Heh, I've actually had a "rough" couple of weeks, meaning I've been roughly stable for 2 weeks or so... ever since reaching that 20 lb milestone, which I hope isn't too bad of a sign.

The past few days were crazy with the trip, and while I didn't have any particular moments of excess, I wasn't tracking the way I like to.

I still admire you resisting the meat you were barbecuing on Memorial Day.

Pretty much everything
Pretty much everything

I'm a big believer in have just a little bit of any damn thing.
--Kirk Thu Aug 10 11:32:32 2006
Yo Evil B., how could you survive on a 1400 calorie diet, especially while working out regularly and taking care of a newborn?

One tip on mitigating the increased calories of home baking: help out with the baking or do it yourself. I remember a philosophy once that said that if you make it yourself, it's pretty much all good.

And chocolate, I'm up there with not being able to resist except for home/personal economics. Having unstable income really cuts down on the luxuries. Then again, I've got a semi-Puritan/ascetic approach to my hedonism: do it in moderation.

Then again, I once met a financial coach (not adviser) who slipped the idea that being stingy isn't part of a good financial plan. Gotta learn how to play, too.
--The_Lex Thu Aug 10 14:22:22 2006
birthday cake from a mix

hood ice cream sandwiches
--FoSO Fri Aug 11 15:02:44 2006
Resistable: not much, actually

Irresistable: most things, but my downfall is cheese. That tasty lactose based goodness gets me every time.
--Catherine Wed Aug 16 12:44:54 2006