sidebar 2006.08.21
It's funny how irritated I get at people who have been accidents that clog traffic. It's not like anyone tries to be in accidents, but still, whatever bit of stupidity caused this has screwed stuff up for the rest of us.

I feel a bit guiltier when the accident looks seriousish, and I'm sure I'm usually blaming at least one innocent person, but still.

DON'T GET INTO ACCIDENTS YOU MORONS! (I guess I can carry this attitude 'til I'm in an accident that's my fault. So far, it's just been one or two near misses that were my fault.)
--Kirk Mon Aug 21 14:53:16 2006
I got into a lot of accidents while a teenager. All of them were pretty much my fault. I avoided one accident during that time.

Since I started following the traffic laws, though, I haven't gotten in an accident in 6 or 7 years.

So, from my personal driving statistics, accidents happen because of stupidity.
--The_Lex Mon Aug 21 23:56:01 2006
Err, which traffic laws, mostly? Like speeding? Stop signs?
--Kirk Tue Aug 22 11:43:28 2006
For awhile, all of them. A lot of it really has to do with knowing who gets right of way when, in my opinion. If everyone had a good idea about right of way, I bet accidents would go down by a whole lot.
--The_Lex Wed Aug 23 20:30:06 2006