sidebar 2006.09.01

Though it reminds me, "Whiplash" was my favorite callsign to use playing Wing Commander. That and "Metropolis".

Hmm, come to think of it, those both sound like or are Transformer names.
--Kirk Sat Sep 2 16:48:14 2006
This was well before "Metrosexual" entered into the fray. Or even the Geo Metro, I think.
--Kirk Sat Sep 2 16:48:35 2006
egads. hope your neck is feeling better!
--FoSO Tue Sep 5 12:16:17 2006
I don't think I should write all of the things that popped into my head... the jokes do write themselves it seems.

Hope you are feeling better. Watch out for those priest's that rear end people... (I couldn't help myself... honestly.)
--RoseyPosey Sat Oct 21 20:15:25 2006