sidebar 2006.09.07
Lucky. I need find some good friends to have good wistful conversation here in Chicago.
--The_Lex Fri Sep 8 12:15:36 2006
no problem, dude. :)
--FoSO Fri Sep 8 14:03:45 2006
Come to think of it we all knew each other in college. Or at least 1 person from each couple did.

So the moral is, all my friends stop moving away!

--Kirk Fri Sep 8 19:03:54 2006
I think what Kirk is trying to say is that while the all possible pairings drawn from the set of [ FoSO, EB, and Kirk] existed socially during the college years, the set as a whole did not until recently.

----EB Sat Sep 9 09:46:02 2006
Err, no, what I was trying to say is, the collegiate-ish atmosphere may have been backed up by the fact that we knew each other back in college days. (Though as you point out, "not at the same time")

What I'm also trying to say is... Friends of mine, stop moving to other parts of the country!
--Kirk Sun Sep 10 09:28:32 2006
drove through the campus yesterday on the way home from dinner... wow, i was aching to go back. the kids look so young, though, and it's telling that i was imagining being a professor rather than a student. :)

strange to feel this way when ten years ago i couldn't wait to be done with the place. i suppose the lesson here is that you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone.
--FoSO Mon Sep 11 16:24:33 2006
I'm kind of perpetually nostalgic.

Lately I've been worried that there's a part of me that just hates change... which is really tough to admit, given the pride I used to have in having moved around every couple of years when I was a kid.

The counterpoint spin to that for me now is, much life change is a big pain in the ass, a drain in resource and distraction from the interesting bits of life.
--Kirk Mon Sep 11 16:38:58 2006