sidebar 2006.09.13
the AC is on
despite it being grey out
turn the damn thing off
--miller Wed Sep 13 14:05:43 2006
forgot a sweater
and am regretting it now
love fall, hate the chill
--FoSO Wed Sep 13 15:20:52 2006
doing things besides working.
well, obviously.
--miller Wed Sep 13 15:37:14 2006
orange sun falling
cutting behind western skies
but its 7!...grrrrrr
--Kirk Wed Sep 13 15:47:48 2006
how many syllabs
in 'grrr'? seems to be a cheat
could replace all five!
--FoSO Wed Sep 13 16:17:32 2006
grrrr, one syllable
like a bear out to forage
before winter comes

step off my haikus:
an easy matter to have
one beat less or more

and you're one to talk,
making up your own new words
little ms."syllab"

so for what it's worth
GrrRrrRrrRrrRrrr's silly;
engine, not growl
--Kirk Wed Sep 13 18:23:37 2006
ducking wild words
our hero avoids conflict
but not good haiku's
----EB Thu Sep 14 00:17:57 2006
'syllab' is really
poetic, like 'morn' or 'ere'
step off indeed, sir!
--FoSO Thu Sep 14 11:07:10 2006
miller raised a point:
I use growl for two beats;
but he says "just one!"

"but towel's a rhyme..."
"syllable needs a vowel!"
O that W!
--Kirk Thu Sep 14 11:38:06 2006
i agree with M
only one beat for a cheat
is it friday yet?
--FoSO Thu Sep 14 11:53:45 2006
growl's hard to count...
one and a half syllables?
autumn mind ponders

an issue, then, of
what regional dialect...
haiku: spoke, or read?
--Kirk Thu Sep 14 12:21:07 2006
new employment soon
twenty five percent increase
sad leaving colleagues

----EB Thu Sep 14 23:21:08 2006
tiny spaceships fly
lost inside a ping pong ball
Look for the way out
--alien54 Fri Sep 15 01:57:14 2006
long day: three hours
stolen from my future self...
which clock to believe?

this sidebar lingers
until a new sidebar comes
haiku! gseunheidt.

--Kirkz Tue Sep 19 02:05:29 2006
tuesday's better than
monday but still it seems long
until the weekend
--FoSo Tue Sep 19 11:40:00 2006
trees orange and brown
echo the cold solitude
of my poor sidebar
--Kirk Thu Oct 5 17:36:23 2006
this is not a haiku
because it it obviously has
the wrong number of syllables
thus ruining the consecutive streak
of haikus
--mr. streak ruiner Thu Oct 5 18:18:41 2006
--Kirk Fri Oct 6 00:56:33 2006
A Y B A B 2 U!!!
L O L :)
--briana Sat Oct 14 21:52:47 2006