sidebar 2006.10.18
What are you, some kind of Dow-ist?
--Kirk Wed Oct 18 12:53:21 2006
--FoSO Wed Oct 18 13:18:38 2006
enough with the haikus!
--Charles Dow-in Sat Oct 21 15:26:45 2006
We could switch over to terrible puns... see which wins from an evolutionary perspective, nature read in tooth and claw...
--Kirk Sat Oct 21 16:12:14 2006
above twelve thousand
for the first time; I've heard said
haiku really sucks
--RoseyPosey Sat Oct 21 20:19:06 2006
My love of haiku
Was small as a cicada
And then got smaller.
     --Mr. Blue

--Kirk Sat Oct 21 21:17:47 2006
Or not.
--Charles Dow-in Sun Oct 22 16:33:24 2006
i am the haiku
throwdown mistress and know no
other forms as hot

--FoSO Mon Oct 23 14:20:04 2006