sidebar 2006.10.31
identity theft...
or at least some borrowing...
trolls starving for laughs?
--Kirk Tue Oct 31 18:05:19 2006
a known friend,
taking a joke too far?
regardless, i think you should stop
--The Spiegel-meister Tue Oct 31 19:35:29 2006
don't know what to do?
a rule of thumb for sidebars -
when in doubt, haiku!
--miller Wed Nov 1 15:02:11 2006
seventeen syllables
made of pure joy
just an attempt to be coy?
--TSM Thu Nov 2 02:41:03 2006
express in meter
a sly thought and suddenly
you *are* a rock star
--FoSO Thu Nov 2 13:55:43 2006
a suggestion to the Kirkster
a sidebar just for haikus?
--TSM Thu Nov 2 14:09:10 2006
then the sidebar might never get updated! people seem to have slowed down their posts... c'mon people! what's up with that?
--FoSO Thu Nov 2 14:10:59 2006
I was talking more along the lines of having the regular sidebar, and then a sidebar with recent haikus. Although I guess I see your point that if they became separate, people would update the haikus but not the regular sidebar.
--TSM Thu Nov 2 15:58:09 2006
a 'haiku of the moment' as it were... why not!
--FoSO Thu Nov 2 20:07:46 2006
Come to kirk's loveblender and haiku all you want ......
--Rennie Sat Nov 4 02:29:06 2006
ack, the loveblender doesn't do it for me... i don't want to limit my subject matter.
--FoSO Sat Nov 4 08:24:41 2006
well, you stil have the invitation to come haiku with've had so much fun and good times uncorking it as a real community over at loveblender that we haven't exactly felt limited, FoSO :-) ......
--Rennie Sat Nov 4 20:07:48 2006
Like the old four-banger moonshine equipment found by revenuers on my farm down by the creek long before I bought the place...the "still" ain't all there now...ahem, that's still, not stil, in the post above ......
--Rennie Sat Nov 4 20:11:32 2006
thanks for the invite, rennie, it's appreciated! i'll be straightforward, though - you'll definitely find me here, unlikely to find me at the blender.
--FoSO Mon Nov 6 12:56:04 2006
Well, Romance is a specific category, but a rich one. And I'm glad the community is as vibrant there as it is. Overlap twixt kisrael and blender is of course welcome but by no means mandatory...
--Kirk Mon Nov 6 13:15:43 2006