sidebar 2006.11.29
Ummmm. . .what do you mean 'behind FoSo favorites such as. . .,' I thought Tim Kring, or whatever his name is came up with heroes.

Oh. . .he's one of the producers, if done horribly, can be a bane to writers' existence (at least, that's how they do things in Canada). Still not sure what a producer does. . .but movies and TV stuff always confuses me.

'Dead Like Me,' that's the one with all the reapers and George is the main character, right?
--The_Lex Wed Nov 29 16:02:25 2006
that's the one. (and, ok, so he didn't create 'heroes', but is involved. all i'm saying is, he works on winners, imo!)
--FoSO Wed Nov 29 16:19:35 2006
That's a connection between shows I didn't realize (Dead Like Me and Heroes), cool.

I haven't looked at other shows or movies he has worked on, but it's a good idea to remember that a winner of a show has more to do than with individuals or a group of individuals. . .they need good organization, too.

I got in trouble with forgetting the organization and blaming writers when talking to a writer on a show that I really like, since he ended up coming in on the 'winning' side after the 'loser' side got rehabbed.
--The_Lex Wed Nov 29 19:54:57 2006
I did notice that Fuller did create 'Dead Like Me,' though. Interesting to know.
--The_Lex Fri Dec 1 14:23:12 2006