sidebar 2006.12.09
For me the most pressing difference between this post and occasional comments spam is that it has a much better chance of being occasional!

I'll try to follow your instructions in a bit.
--Kirk Sat Dec 9 18:03:36 2006
Following them now-- it's nice that they're using BT for distribution. I recommend anyone who hasn't used BT before to get ahold of a BT client, utorrent (aka microtorrent-- the u is actually a greek mu), which was just bought up by the creator of Bittorrent. It's a superb client, and very tiny and easy to use.
--LAN3 Sun Dec 10 07:34:09 2006
Further proof that nobody can follow instructions. :)  The order was download, listen, _then_ comment. 

Has someone been swinging the ADHD bat around this blog again?

----EB Sun Dec 10 11:46:38 2006
Hey, kirk, put a preview tag on the sidebar. I just re-read what I wrote .... and ... what was supposed to sound funny and chiding came out snarky and bitchy. 

----EB Sun Dec 10 11:48:49 2006
eb, we like it just the way it is. ;)
--FoSO Sun Dec 10 13:17:36 2006
OK, I followed the instructions.

Umm, the lyrics were kind of interesting, the music much less so. A bit Barnaked Ladies-ish overall, but the music lacked the hooks to keep me all that interested. (But I'm kind of a weird listener.)
--Kirk Tue Dec 12 11:14:28 2006
Note, it looks like there's a non-torrent download there, but that was the first time I tried a client, so that's a good thing.
--Kirk Tue Dec 12 11:15:00 2006