sidebar 2006.12.18
Beau, did the pyramids video talk about the new theory that the Egyptians used poured concrete?

--Kirk Sun Dec 24 11:51:04 2006
No, it didn't say anything about using poured concrete. It spoke of how the skilled workers were "carving" the blocks, sharpening the tools and setting the blocks in place. 

The unskilled workers were responsible for transporting the sharpened tools, pulling the sleds of blocks and watering the path (so the sled would slide easily). 

I was wondering if the "skilled" workers looked down on the "un-skilled" workers as second class citizens. 
--Beau Sun Dec 24 19:04:58 2006
I think skilled artisans always look down at the unskilled workers, or at most have a grudging kind of respect or sympathy.

I think the "poured concrete" idea (still controversial) was a Discovery Channel thing.

I think the other bit of controversy is that it wasn't slave labor that made these.

Of course, I guess one of the points of your post is that HD gets you to watch things you might not otherwise have thought of...
--Kirk Tue Dec 26 13:44:51 2006
Fuck HD
--Erin Wed Jan 3 09:11:28 2007