sidebar 2007.03.17
A similar effect can be had from vigorous application of vinegar to freshly bought chips (or fries as you wacky Americans call them) from a chipshop.
--Catherine Sun Mar 18 10:55:37 2007
Will a chipshop serve fish and chips, as a general rule, or just chips?
--Kirk Sun Mar 18 11:35:24 2007
Years ago I saw a Mad Magazine parody, James Bond when he's on his expense account, versus when he's not. Naturally when he's not, he became a really cheap guy. 

Talking about the way he ate, he went for fish and chips when he was being frugal. The fish-and-chipshop's proprieter, for some reason, was dressed in a cassock and had a archetypal monk's haircut. A cartoon in the corner showed the same, and a man saying "Are you fish friar?" "No, I'm the chip-monk."

Damn I love those jokes.
--LAN3 Thu Mar 22 03:50:08 2007