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Isn't Tim gay?
--The_Lex Thu Apr 26 00:34:51 2007
Err, yeah, so?

Good luck Erin!

(I tweaked your entry so it didn't stretch the sidebar...)
--Kirk Thu Apr 26 02:05:58 2007
Your tweak didn't work Kirk, at least not on Safari....
----EB Thu Apr 26 08:17:22 2007
Yeah, good luck, Erin.

It's just when she said that Tim Gunn was hot. . .
--The_Lex Thu Apr 26 10:22:29 2007
EB... well, get a real browser. Safari. Sheesh.

Seriously, what are you seeing? I put a span tag to reduce the font size to a pixel, and then a space between each word. Are you still seeing it as one word that stretches the sidebar?
--Kirk Thu Apr 26 11:09:39 2007
You'll be hangin' with Andre, making runs to Red Lobster, while Tim is working away with the designers. Make it work!
--LAN3 Thu Apr 26 18:55:18 2007
Tim is just fab, he's more like a father figure than boyfriend type. I mean hot as in amazing, intelligant, fascinating, and the coolest person. Think Paris Hilton "that's hot"
--E-rain Fri Apr 27 00:20:00 2007
Ahhhhh. . .
--The_Lex Fri Apr 27 09:52:38 2007
I tried to avoid thinking Paris Hilton as much as I can manage. Anyway, Gunn is definitely the coolest person on that show. BBC did a licensed version of the show, "Project Catwalk." It was shorter as it had fewer designers, and it was hosted by Liz Hurley (who is still hot in the traditional sense), but the designs tended to be much nuttier, and frankly, so were the guest judges. Ben de Lisi was their Tim Gunn, and while he did the job competently, he just doesn't have the personality, and occasionally he would cross the line and help a designer with a concept if they were stuck or just blowing it. However, unlike Tim Gunn, de Lisi actually does design, instead of teaching. heh. Anyway, just one season ("series"--silly brits) of Catwalk so far.
--LAN3 Fri Apr 27 14:12:28 2007
Well, you'll be happy to know that Tim Gunn doesn't teach anymore (or maybe not) but has a gig running a fashion line. He will still be on the show, and, yes I still think he is hot in that older stylish gentleman way. I agree about Ben de Lisi. I was watching Project Catwalk on Youtube till it got taken off for copyright fringing.
--E-rain Fri Apr 27 15:35:43 2007
I remembering hearing once that Tim Gunn would get his own show. Anyone know what's up with that?
--The_Lex Sun Apr 29 01:24:35 2007
I like Tim Gunn- he's definitely the highlight of Runway. (Well, the dozen willowy models hanging out in black slips has a certain appeal.) I was just surprised to learn that he wasn't a designer, considering the role he has on the show; based on what I've seen, though, he's definitely attuned to what the judges want, so he's clearly the best man for the job. Add to that fact that he's such a character, with a few catch phrases and an impressive lexicon. He's charismatic as hell, which is why I completely understand your reaction, and he took Santino's slightly drubbing impersonation with good humor.
--LAN3 Sun Apr 29 04:02:45 2007
Oh, and I haven't checked it lately but Project Rungay is a great blog to keep up with during the show's run. I bet they wouLd know what's up with Gunn.
--LAN3 Sun Apr 29 04:06:09 2007
heheh. you said "willowy".
--Kirk Mon Apr 30 11:08:13 2007
--Kirk Sat May 5 18:11:24 2007
1. . .2. . .3
--The_Lex Wed May 9 11:57:00 2007
sibilance... sibilance...
--Tom Hanks Thu May 10 01:28:26 2007
toy boat toy boat toy boat toy boat
--Gary Larson Thu May 10 12:39:02 2007
Pfff...yeah, it's ridiculous to call a number of programmes that run one after another 'a series'. Oh, hang on.....

--Catherine Fri May 11 10:46:20 2007
Americans use the term series to refer to the entire length of the show's run, e.g. the series finale of Gilmore Girls runs this week, at the end of its 7th season. 

But then the BBC, which presumably set the standards, still routinely puts multi-year gaps between seasons. I want my IT CROWD!
--LAN3 Sat May 12 19:10:12 2007
BBC also seems to film the entire, ahem, 'series' before the first one airs. Not that there's anything wrong with that in and of itself, but it does seem to mean that the length of the 'series' (by which I mean episode count) gets set in stone right away, and since the BBC is risking lots of dough on the whole season at once, it makes for super-short seasons. Which sucks for ephemeral series like Top Gear and QI, but is great for the serial dramas they're so good at, and presumably it's good also for those lengthy mystery teleplays they're also so good at. "Foyle's War," "Cracker," "Dalzeil and Pascoe," the wonderful "Murder City," etc.

That said, I find it odd that, TV be judged, every American will be caught in one of the many daily gunfights that go on in ever metropolis, while every Briton will be called upon to solve a lace-curtain murder, generally in times of strife and/or controversy. There are some Brits who believe they'll be shot at in the US upon leaving the airport, but are there Americans in Britain who demand their food and wine is sampled for poison, the trains cleared of distant relations, and all of their mail sent in triplicate lest it be altered by a clever killer?
--LAN3 Tue May 15 22:07:59 2007
oooh I LOVE British mysteries!
--khatb Mon May 21 15:27:40 2007