sidebar 2007.08.21
Feh. "Whiskey?" probably wouldn't be considered as helpful as one might wish.
--Kirk Tue Aug 21 11:35:09 2007
If Leslee is staying at home (especially if she is breastfeeding), then she just needs to conform to Catherine's schedule. Leslee sleeps when Catherine sleeps. Then you get to pick up the slack on the housework, cooking & shopping. Don't forget to occasionally pitch in with the changing & feeding schedule.

Of course, once you've adapted to Catherine's schedule, she will change it. (That will go on for the years, BTW.) But eventually she will sleep longer at night and you will be able to get a "normal" night's sleep.

--ericball Tue Aug 21 12:40:24 2007
Maybe a little bit of organic red wine to replace the whiskey? Whoever gets to dictate the advice say that pregnant women can have half a glass of red wine nowadays.
--The_Lex Tue Aug 21 14:31:14 2007