wordle 2 (or 1) letter permutator

Sometimes in wordle... ya just wanna cheat.

Specifically I hate the case where you have 3 green letters but are otherwise stuck; and you can run the 20x20 permutations in your head but it would be cooler to let a machine do it. Cheat-y, yes, but not as cheat-y as using a dictionary that knows Wordle words and jumps you to possible answers... you still have to scan and identify the results.

UPDATE: Ok on Jan 22 2023 I couldn't see "MATEY" in a list of permutations and I added an option to check against a list of 5 letter words grepped from JUST WORDS. Check the box to bold permutations that are in that list.


SECOND UPDATE: frustrated on a day when I had space for only 3 of the 6 possibilities for "STA_E", I made a page of "off by one" neighborhoods - for every guess missing one letter, how many words could it be?