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RIP Don Pardo

"How was the 7-minute workout?"
"Great, except for the Triceps dip. Man did that hurt. In fact, I think Triceps are just made up to make people feel bad. Uhh, ok, you got Biceps, lets get you working on your... Triceps. Yeah. Then we'll do Quadceps and Quintceps, ok?"
Just brought a 240-count jug of Atomic Fireball candies into work. Let the dieting commence! (Seriously, a 30-calorie candy can do a good job of knocking out a craving for many hundreds of calories of something else.)


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The jaded sousaphonist...


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"Maybe I'd stumbled onto the secret for eternal happiness: Keep your dreams small and stupid."
--Brad Warner, "Hardcore Zen"


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So the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park got a classic Pong (sadly the head of one of the dialsis missing) I was a little shocked to see that it has a fancy end/attract screen! Pong is shorthand for "the simplest game possible" but the physical production of it had some serious nuance, from the return angle of the pongbats to stuff like this. Honestly it's still a game that's fun to play, so well-tuned to a social night out with beers.

Probably the best JP Honk Vid yet!

"If there's one thing I wouldn't want to be twice, zombies is both of them!"
--Mantan Moreland in "The King of the Zombies"

Over the past few years I've realized that I use an idiosyncratic visualization for certain kinds of time; I see the cyclic nature of the twelve months of a year and the seven days of a week in the form of a circle, both going counter-clockwise. I spent some time today generating images reflecting this view. Here's a reflection of what a week is like for me:

I guess the specific rotation and counter-clockwise direction reflects a dash of synesthesia, and also how important physical layout is to my sense of recall -- if I'm trying to do a week-based day calculation, I'll often use my hand to as an arrow to mark my place in the week, in the same way I'll still unconsciously shape an "L" with my left hand to recall which direction is which.

I'm less certain why I place the weekend down. My best guess is see that as the start and stop of a week, and is either "heavier" or "where the week meets the road" (to stretch the physical metaphor, since I view myself as moving in the fixed week-wheel rather than it moving to accommodate me.) The counter-clockwise motion then springs from that - I read left-to-right, so the Saturday-Sunday "start" to the week is in that "forward" direction, and thus drives the rest of the loop.

Years are even more strongly laid out in my mind's eye:
Here the calendar starts at the top, as one might expect, but I think that's because I view a year as progressing from school year to school year, with the loveliness of summer vacation anchoring as the base (though a separate desire to have the numeric transition be straight up tilts the thing a bit.)

Neither visual is strongly color-coded for me, but week vs weekend and the various seasons have a different ephemeral feel, here color-coded for grins.

As a side note, I used a new technology for this, p5.js -- the same processing.js I've used for years, but now as pure javascript, rather than going through some weird java-to-js convertor. Highly recommended! You can check out the working page and source code if so inclined.

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"It would be fair to say that the concept of a forest is simpler than the concept of a tree."
--Ray Kurzweil, "How to Create a Mind"

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