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"The best knock-knock was made by me. It goes: 'Knock-knock. Who's there? A gang of vigilantes armed with machine guns, leather straps and brass knuckles to thump the breath out of anybody who persists in playing this blame fool knock-knock game.'"
--Heywood Hale Broun, NPR's Secret History of the Knock-Knock. (Here are my favorite knock-knocks) - For the first time in years, maybe, I went through the rigamarole of re-enabling Java applets on my OSX, and I'm kind of impressed by the creativity my old self put into this. I should definitely get to porting some of these, either to html5 (still need to get a good physics library) or maybe Apple Spritekit-- or maybe one of those "JavaVM on IOS" things...


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"This was turning out to be the longest winter in living memory - so long, in fact, that living memory itself was being shortened as some of the older citizens succumbed."
"As Joni Mitchell sang at Woodstock: 'We Are Stardust". Scientists like quoting this line, because it sounds as though they were young once."
"Trying to find any deep meaning to events was like trying to find reflections in a mirror: you always succeeded, but you didn't learn anything new."
"Science certainly does not claim to get things right, but it has a good record of ruling out ways to get things wrong."
"All religions are true, for a given value of 'truth'."

--Pratchett, Stewart, and Cohen, "The Science of Discworld"

"We are the curators of our own lives. Curators make choices. Like when I was 21, 22 years old, I was selling vacuum cleaners, and probably making $125 to $150 a week. But when an opportunity came along to act in a play in Hollywood making $50 a week, I took it readily. That's a curator's choice. I felt my selling vacuum cleaners wouldn't do anything for me as an artist."
--Leonard Nimoy,


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Hadn't thought of this skit for a long time... wish the laugh track wasn't so hamfisted, though...

february 2015 new song playlist
February was a pleasingly eclectic month for my new music playlist. 4-stars in red.

Jazz and Instrumental
  • All of Me (Frank Sinatra) My band started playing this song, and I really love it. Sinatra's version stood out when I looked for a cover.
  • My Sweet Hunk O' Trash (Billie Holiday / Louis Armstrong) Dr. John covered this one with his musical guest, the original is also a delight.
  • Heart of Glass (The Puppini Sisters) A bit brighter and cheerier than the similiar Nouvelle Vague cover.
  • Edmontosaurus (Paul Leonard-Morgan) Some sports commercial had this... AMAZING big acoustic dinosaur picture.
  • Animals (Martin Garrix) Not many electronic instrumentals make it onto my play list... love the tick tock sound.
Alt Modern Hiphop / Club


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One Second Everyday. Highlights include the city's giant snow piles on the 7th, R​'s fire in snow pit on the 21st, Keytar Bear on the 23rd, Dr. John on the 25th (and Sarah Morrow rockin' the trombone and generally leading) and ends with snow tubing...

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