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March 30, 2017

Computer Love Letters... this echoes (but predates) some ideas I've had for blending Love Blender and geekery for a long time.

March 30, 2016

Slate on Why conservatives are talking about struggling white people the way they usually talk about black people. I know it's too easy for me to think of neocons as cackling villains, but the whole big business / fundamentalist 'solid south' white coalition has bugged me for a long while; Trump's say-anything populism has driven a wedge in the that, and this article points to how some of that kind of business conservative might start sounding if they stop thinking they can no longer use pretending to care about fundie issues (like anti-gay-rights and anti-abortion) to keep those voters on their side.
The love child of Nietzsche and Pollyanna.

March 30, 2014

I remember it used to be challenging to make a good calendar icon, but somehow these days a white box with a red top (with option day-of-month inside) suffices.

alien bill productions; the logo

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March 30, 2013
So here is the winning result from the Alien Bill Productions logo project I sponsored.
On my devblog (which has been getting a lot more writing from than this place, lately, and oddly) I talk about the process, the other great entries, and the ethical issues.
Saying goodbye to 38-year-old-Kirk, forever.


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March 30, 2012
--Found this on my tubmlr recently. I think this is the original source. Such an awesome and terrifying way of viewing our culture's birthday traditions with the specter of our own mortality!
When civilization falls there will be legends of "Googal" the omniscient oracle, with glowing altars in every home and business.
Conservatives: dumber than ever. Faith over reason is a recipe for bad policy and awful political stances. --awesome map of current prevailing winds all over the USA
It seems kind of insane how almost all of the Panera's pastries are like 2 or 3 Snickers' worth full of calories.

tuba training

March 30, 2011

--via xoBruce. I guess that's a good warning for any hobos who might be asleep on the tracks!
Amber points out this is the last day I can make that joke "Old? No way! It's like I have the power of two 18 year olds stuck together!"
Today’s competitive markets [...] are driven by an international version of Adam Smith’s "invisible hand" that is unredeemably opaque.
--Alan Greenspan. Invisible AND Opaque?
"Had a thing, my neighborhood was really weird, you know, because my mother's a Puerto Rican a little bit. Huh, and my father's colored a lot."
--Richard Pryor

the start that date that kiss that gift

March 30, 2010

--Lacunar Vals by "9000" -- Wired had a piece on this artist, check out the photostream on flikr
"If I knew the world was going to end tomorrow, I would plant a tree."
--Martin Luther
My birthday is tomorrow. I was born around 20 past midnight which makes me doubly grateful for Daylight Savings Time: without it my birthday would be "March 30" which you see less often than 31, which is the last day of the first quarter. (Though I guess I'd be making "the 30th is twice the ides of March!" jokes)
"You've got to roll with the punches to get to what's real"
--Diamond Dave

beer bellies gone bad

March 30, 2009

--via Failblog. This is not quite the tattoo I plan to get.

Beautiful low clouds lit by the city of Boston at night as I drive home on 93.
My Aunt got carded buying me an M-rated (17+) video game for my birthday... ("Mad World". The game. Well, the world too.)
"Cool Ranch Doritos are labeled 'Cool American' [in Iceland]"
-- -- to quote Team America, World Police: AMERICA-- F*** YEAH!


March 30, 2008
Ugh, break-up today.

My fault.

Sigh, like Milan Kundera wrote "We never know what to want, because, living only one life, we can neither compare it with our previous lives nor perfect it in our lives to come."

Japan of the Moment
So one odd series of photograph I took in Japan were manhole covers. Not every one I saw, but I saw a few that caught my eye, either because of design, or with a splash of cover, or because the hole was in grass instead of asphault, etc...









That last one probably is the one that got me noticing them on one of the first days, but I didn't think to photograph it 'til the end.

wings give you red bull

March 30, 2007
Random anecdote: I remember once my dad was on an airplane trip, and somehow I found out he was bringing me back "wings" from the airline. I didn't know what they were, but my folks made them sound like something I should be excited about, so I was! Some kind of flying toy? or better yet, something that would let me fly?? I was literally dizzy with anticipation.

When I found out that was just some stupid decorative pin, I was so deeply disappointed.

Another time he took an airplane trip where, through a series of bumps and rebates and discounts and something to do with PEOPLExpress, the airline ended up paying my dad to fly, much to his amusement.

Link of the Moment
Why a Career in Programming Sucks. Some good points, but it still comes down to how it feels like one of the last bastions of being payed well for making stuff. (via Catherine, but her LJ is mostly for friends only)


March 30, 2006
Hey, is it just me, or are spammers suddenly into telling you about their "new email address"? I guess it's some scheme to get around filtering, though if it helps get past digital filters, or just is something a human might recongize as previously usually coming from a human, specifically a human they'd had corresponded with previously...

Random thought experiment, how long will it take all the "I have a new email address!" spam to catch up the number of emails that legitmately used that? Maybe a while, since you see that on a lot of business corespondance, but still.

Orgy of the Moment
--I really loved this not TOO explicit orgy scene from the Perry Bible Fellowship "Cupid Mistake".

Article of the Moment
FoSO fwd'd this article reiterating the idea that more money doesn't equal more happiness, and little details of daily life (like, having a shorter commute) are more important than sheer salary size. I'm not quite sure what the action item on this is for me though.

pollution is pretty

March 30, 2005
Oil Rainbows of the Moment

--After the rain yesterday. The first two are from my street in Arlington, the second two are from the parking lot at my office park. I still like wet oil pavement a bit better, but these were kind of fun.

Link of the Moment
When Bad Scenes Happen To Good Movies and then vice versa. (via Bill the Splut)

temporary overcast of the cluttered brain

March 30, 2004
Saw an excellent film last night, the best I've seen in years: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Made me grateful I bent my usual "only see big F/X blockbusters in cinemas" rule; thought-provoking and melancholy-stirring, an incredible (mildly-scifi) "what if"; "Vanilla Sky" minus the beautiful people factor (but better than that), some elements of Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse Five" with it's timeshifting, a musing on the nature of memory, and living in it; a bit sexy in parts but never exploitive (not that I mind a bit of gratuity now and then...), some thoughts on the natures of dreams and consciousness, finally asking the question if you thought you could mend a heartbreak by selectively erasing it from your mind, would you?

It's a good question.

I never would, being a nostalgic kind of guy, but it's a good question.

Selection of the Moment
Lay Your Sleeping head, my love,
Human on my faithless arm:
Time and fevers burn away
Individual beauty from
Thoughtful children, and the grave
Proves the child ephemeral:
But in my arms till break of day
Let the living creature lie,
Mortal, guilty, but to me
The entirely beautiful.
--W.H.Auden, from "Lullabye". Always been a favorite of mine, something in last night' movie brought it to mind.

Political Jabs of the Moment
Bush/Cheney took down their "sloganator" banner builder, but not after some folks gave them some great ideas.

Site of the Moment
Linked to from boingboing's sidebar, it's Cancergiggles, a site by a man who has about 6-18 months to live from cancer. Written with huge doses of humor and willingness to talk about things head on.

Gratuitous Large Font Use of the Moment
Sweet Jimminy Crickets! This is the last evening of my twenties! And I'm at home cleaning my study and looking for my frickin' checkbook! (And moaning about it in my journal.) Heck, in Europe, I'm already 30!

Ah well. 5-6 years ago, my Y2K-etc fearing self thought I'd be lucky to make to 30. But here I am.


March 30, 2003
So, sorry for yesterday's update, it was pretty lame. And today's might not be much better, just my defense, I was spending most of the day celebrating my birthday (and today I'm gonna write about it.) Lee had invited me along to Fun Spot, an entertainment center in New Hampshire with a ton of classic arcade games, all very well maintained. Take a look at the list of's like MAME but with real machines. Plus, Lee's birthday gift was $20 worth of tokens (and they give you 125 instead of 20*4=80 for that--) I got through like half of the tokens, I'll use the other half when New England Classic Gamers meet there, I think some time this summer.

Quote and Mix CDs of the Moment
"If you are a disc jockey, kindly remember that your job is to play records that people will enjoy dancing to and not to impress possible visiting disc jockeys with your esoteric tastes. People generally enjoy dancing to songs that have words and are of a reasonable length. Sixteen-minute instrumentals by West African tribal drummers are frequently the cause of undue amyl nitrate consumption and shirt removal."
--Fran Lebowiz, from Disco Hints: The New Etiquette. Previously in the passage she suggest people amyl nitrate should be consumed in one's truck, not in the middle of a crowded dance floor, and that fellow dancers interested in your progress at the gym will not be too shy to ask, one does not have to remove one's shirt, despite the warmth.

So I'm finally learning how to make optimal party dance mix CDs...the watchwords, as that quote reminded me, are A. danceability and B. familiarity. (Mix CDs for cars are a different story, there you can try to introduce people to new music.) Also, I've realized that each new generation of mix CDs can be a refinement of the last. To those ends, I loaded my two new mixes with late 80s/early 90s party hiphop, and a lot of modern covers of new wave songs:

Roaring Twenties Disc One:
Groove Is In The Heart (Kirk party mix neccesity)
Burning Down The House (Tom Jones cover)
Wild Thing
Like a Prayer (deep throated techno-ish cover)
Bad Touch ("like they do on the Discover Channel" song)
The Humpty Dance
Take On Me (Ska cover)
Shake Your Thang (Salt -n- Pepa)
Jump Around
Tained Love (Marilyn Manson cover)
Stress (Jim's Big Ego)
It Takes Two
99 Red Balloons (Modern cover)
Walk This Way (Run DMC/Aerosmith version)
Funky Cold Medina
Tainted Love (original, here by mistake)

Roaring Twenties Disc Two:
Baby Got Back
One Week
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
Hungry Like The Wolf (funny lounge cover)
Things That Make You Go Hmmmm
One Way Or Another
Private Idaho
What I Like About You
Walk Like an Egyptian
Ice Ice Baby
My Sharona
I Will Survive
I'm Too Sexy
Smack My Bitch Up
Smells Like Teen Spirit

Disc One is a bit stronger than Disc Two. In general, I try to arrange songs in descending order of coolness.

not your father's volkswagen rabbit

March 30, 2002
Have you seen this ad for the new Saturn SUV, the VUE? It has a VUE, apparently the size (and color) of one of the wild hares it's with in a winter wilderness, when suddenly a cougar attacks, singling out the SUV, but then gets caught on a log after trying to run the vehicle down. Well, the TV version adds the caption "Professional Driver, Closed Course". Well, thanks for that one! I guess I won't try this at home, escaping from a wild cougar 10 times the size of my vehicle.

AOL Chat of the Moment
kirk: what's for lunch?
john: whatever
kirk: a big steam plate of indifference it is then
john: sweet!
kirk: sweet, sweet indifference. Where would I be without you? Caring about every damn thing that's what
--Maybe you had to be there...oh, wait, John WAS there. Must be just me.

Link of the Moment
Where do you go for your half-baked ideas? Why, the halfbakery, of course. (Link via a Slashdot article about this NY Times piece with 9 interesting technology ideas.)

lies, damn lies

March 30, 2001
Link of the Moment
Read the Lies People Tell (the site seems a little disorganized, this seems to be the best starting link.) Kind of cool stuff, the "Lies our Parents Tell Us" was a Cruel Site of the Day recently.

Quote of the Moment
"Information wants to be a Socialist... not a Communist or a Republican."
- Karen Schneider

KHftCEA 2000-03.3 March

KHftCEA 2000-03.3 March

"How about we reenact the resurrection with hand puppets instead?"
--Captain James Israel, when pushed to hold a sunrise Easter service.)
"Never test for an error condition you don't know how to handle. "
I've been Jonesing for this $2000 RCA 36", HDTV compatible, SVGA ready tv. That's a lot of money for a television, but you can swing the numbers games a lot of ways.  3 months rent, (2 if we had a nicer place), 3 digitical cameras (and I'll probably use this more), etc etc.  Most importantly, for me it represents a part of the 'good life'.

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