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January 22, 2016

Ah the low-40-something bachelor boy. #iknowthatfeel

January 22, 2015

"Made a graph of my past relationships. I have an ex axis and a why axis"
--Yik Yak, via tumblr.
Belichick, the comic book villain America needs.
The Road To Armageddon(2004) A point I've made before, but a bit more so recently: in save the world movies, an easy way to know who's the Bad Guys is they're the ones trying to bring about the end of the world. I think the same holds true for real life.

Dispensationalism, especially the "pre-millennialist"/Left-Behind variety ("Get Out Of Revelation Free, man it's gonna suck down here, I pity the rest of you suckas, shoulda repented when you had the chance!") is just horrible. It's one of those stories told to young Christian kids to calm them down when they learn enough about Revelation to freak the hell out ("O, surely God loves US to much to let all this bad stuff happen to US") but when their church isn't sophisticated enough to see Revelation as pretty clearly describing then current-day-Rome, and a metaphorical description of spiritual battle rather than as true life events, but instead say it has just enough poetry to see military helicopters as plagues of locusts or what not.

January 22, 2014

"AVOID your partner fantasising about other people during sex by shouting “It’s ME by the way!” every couple of seconds. @PyrrhicBuddhism"
-- To me, this is what laissez-faire capitalism looks like.
"RECREATE the thrill of The Lotto by not guessing someone's phone number and then giving them two quid. (via @Swissss)"
Sometimes I wonder if an attitude of presumed (semi-)foiled belligerence would be a better way of dealing with the world. "C'mon world, send some jerk to cut me off? Is that all you got! Pah!" "WELL BOO-HOO my editor crashed and took an hour's work with it" "A drippy nose and fatigue-- NICE TRY! IMMA GET THROUGH THIS"

On the one hand, it seems like a nice way of Murphy's-Law-Jitsu: there's no situation so bad it couldn't be worse, be grateful it's not worst. Real cynics are either pleasantly surprised, or just having their expectations met... maybe I could actually enjoy challenges rather than just seek validation.

But then, I guess this way paranoia lies. Also assuming everything was out to get me might give me an unreasonable chip on my shoulder, assuming everything I got was all my own two feet and my own two fists, make me think I hit a triple when I was born on third base. pretty decent list of cultural differences, I always dig knowing about the little differences.

January 22, 2013

Week 2 Day 1 of "Easy 5K". Feeling a possibly unwarranted brotherhood with other people jogging at this crazy cold and early hour. Most of them are beyond needing run/walk/run but it's nice to notice most all of them are jogging, not fast running like I suppose I generally assumed. -- wow. I wonder why so many African-Americans don't dig the Republicans. Maybe because Republicans can act ABSOLUTELY reprehensibly?
"Outside the window, Mark stood in the moonlight, serenading Vicky. Her heart remained closed, unmoved by the sounds of his tuba."
"MAKE a Dubstep remix by playing a short bit of the original song before going WEEEEEEAAAAAAAARRRGGHHHAAAASSSHHHH WOBWOBWOB. @theinvisiblegor"


January 22, 2012

Tendrils is a game I made for Glorious Trainwreck's Klik of the Month #55.

You can also just sit and watch the organic oddness of it!

This is the HTML5 Processing.js version. IE users can play the java version
Man, BattleTanx Global Assault for the N64. What a fine game, that really knows what it's about.
Yikes Robert Kraft man-kisses as embarrassingly as he high-fives! and that game- talk about by the skin of their teeth...
That kid from the show "Touch"-- I want him on my MIT #mysteryhunt team next year (we led lower half of standings, good for small team)

i to the b to the m

January 22, 2011

--Only watched 2/3 of this so far, but I'm knocked over by the sense of history, the subtle backdrop of Phillip Glass, the video quality on the iPad (try this full screen), the intriguing old footage, and seeing old veterans like Fred "The Mythical Man Month" Brooks.
Just had Amber guide me in the making of pancakes with blueberry sauce! Nice. I will slowly gain something resembling kitchen competence.
Tried the "Texas Roadhouse" in Everett- always wondered about it there in the middle of the plaza. Turns out it's kinda corny (think "Outback Steakhouse" but Texas) but has really tasty robust food cheap. Plus they start with a bucket of peanuts on table.

tv fractal

January 22, 2010

--sorry kisrael has been just a youtube video a day as of late - very hectic time at work thanks to getting slammed by malware and being forced to reformat... -Kate on the pleasure of developing and using her own artificial language. She makes it sound very appealing, even though I'm hopeless at languages.

how do you spell bears

January 22, 2009

--Harvey James. I wish I knew why I find this so amusing... I think it's just the weirdness of its conceptual negative space...

Quote of the Moment
"This mental process will always be a little unknowable, which is why it's so interesting to study. At a certain point, you just have to admit that your brain knows more than you do."
--Jung-Beeman. Not quite comfortable with the who implied self/brain split though!

Joke I like WAY more than I should: Q: What talks really slow and likes blowjobs? A: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Ha, Obama took an oath "do-over", which hopefully should preempt some paranoid naysaying -
"--and they say there's no such thing as progress!" "Actually I don't think anyone says that." "...irregardless!" " win."
The 90s "sensitive new age guy" totally got supplanted by the emo kid.

why yellow is not green

January 22, 2008
Every residential street I see in Boston has a pile of those big fat Yellow Pages on the stoop. Few apartment dwellers seem to want one in this era of easy search engine lookups, and then no one wants responsibility for throwing them out or finding out how they can be recycled or whatever, so they sit forlorn in their protective plastic bags for months.

I guess someone's business model relies on assuming they remain intensly popular and useful, so they'll keep arriving year after year....

Observation of the Moment
At an elemental level gravity is extraordinarily unrobust. Each time you pick up a book from a table or a dime from the floor you effortlessly overcome the combined gravitational exertion of an entire planet.
--Bill Bryson

star hop day 1

January 22, 2007
So, the Patriots lost in about the worst fashion possible, letting the colts make what I believe is a record setting comeback for this kind of game after being down 21-3. That was just terrible. Chargers beat us up too much? The spa-like temperatures in the dome? (Who knew a dome team could so play the weather conditions card...) Core defensive unit getting old and busted? Dunno.

Personal silver lining: at least I won't be obsessing so much about football the next two weeks.

Video of the Moment
"I'm here to tell you a story about two people who decided to buy a starship. They buy it, and now at this point, they are somewhere in space, slowly drifting at about 10,000 miles per hour..."

--"Star Hop", sci-fi comedy play I wrote for (and also saw performed at, by grown-ups) the 10th Annual Marilyn Bianchi Kids' Playwriting Festival, as "directed" by me at Monticello Middle School in Cleveland Heights. Featuring a cameo by the director at the end of this part (the play is broken into thirds for Youtube) as a goonish security guard, toting this awesome gun.

There's a strong Hitchhikers' Guide influence here, though to my relief most of the gags seem original. "Starpox", what they name the ship, is a curse from that book, and probably makes the worst joke in the script.

The opening narration got cut out so I included the text above.

Man, were those kids hamming it up!

be a man

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January 22, 2006
Exchange of the Moment
"You left something here"
"Your underwear."
"Oh... hee hee"
"Yeah, it's disappointing. I gave you a pair of boxers, and you can wear them around...
...anything I do with your underwear ends up being weird."
--Jeffrey Brown, from his short comic novel Any Easy Intimacy. I also recently bought his Be A Man, a hilarious parody of his own work Clumsy and the people who told him to stand up for himself more after that... he decides to play "what-if" in full-bore testosterone, and the results are laugh out loud funny.


January 22, 2005
Web Toy of the Moment
Amusing toy, Tall Or Not, lets you see how you measure up compared to many famous people.

Essay of the Moment
Another great Paul Graham essay, this time his version of a commencement address, What You'll Wish You'd Known. He gives the advice "In the graduation-speech approach, you decide where you want to be in twenty years, and then ask: what should I do now to get there? I propose instead that you don't commit to anything in the future, but just look at the options available now, and choose those that will give you the most promising range of options afterward." which I kind of agree with, and I guess I'd have to say its worked out well for me so far, but I'm getting a little burned out on it, and also I think my lack of goals didn't jibe with Mo's sense of drive, and in the long run that proved to be a problem.


January 22, 2004
Usenet Funny of the Moment
Andrew wrote:
> "Early candidate for 2004: Paycheck. Would it kill
> John Woo to tone down the action part of his action flicks?"
If it did, I think it would be in a hail of blue pencils
as he leapt across the cutting room in slow motion,
launching script changes with both hands as production assistants
dive for cover.
--Carl Burke,

Online Tool of the Moment
Thanks to Jane for sending me a link to one of the better Which Canidate Is Right For You? kind of tools I've seen. It's a lot better than NPR's "pick your favorite soundbite" approach, where you're lucky if you can read between the lines. On the other hand, it seems the scoring is a bit harsh, with only exact matches 'counting'.

Article of the Moment has more analysis of the State of the Union speech, Fred Kaplen studying specific phrases in a piece called Evasions, Half-Truths, and the State of the Union.

Ramble of the Moment
So, I have a BIG decision to make: should I try to keep the House Mo and I bought and continue paying for it on my own, or should I cut loose, cash out, and just get a smaller apartment? It's funny, earlier I said that buying a house together was in many ways a bigger deal than get married, and now that entire big deal is in my lap. (On the other hand, I said being married wasn't that different from being shacked up, and I've done a 180 on that.)

For reasons of getting closure sooner rather than later, Mo would like for me to keep the house, and has made an offer to buy out her equity at kind of a bargain rate, especially if our estimates of the current worth of the property are as super-conservative as I think they might be. She says she just wants to move on and start the next phase of everything, rather than sticking around, get the house in saleable shape as I move out.

I think I should be able to swing a place like this but I really should consider trying to get a housemate. And also, there were some shakeups high up at my company today and it's not clear what the trickle down effect will be, so that makes me kind of nervous.

I made up a document with an explicit view of my finances, salary and savings and all that, and sent it to my mom, my Aunt, our financial advisor, Dylan, Peterman, and a few other folks. So far the suggestions have been a mixed bag. My Aunt says that having property has done very well for her, and it probably would for me as well. My mom hasn't taken a definite stand. Dylan thinks the answer is obvious, get out, the house is of my old life and I don't need that kind of space. Peterman thinks I should take Mo up on her offer to buy her out at a fairly reduced rate, and then turn around and sell. Our financial advisor thinks it's a no-brainer, the house is a good investment, but Mo's offer in particular is too good to pass up.

I can't believe how difficult a decision this is turning out to be. I guess right now, my heart is saying move, my head is saying keep. It just seems like...too much. Having this kind of property seems to add too much inertia--it's not the final word on where I live, how much I have to earn, what kind of starting point I might have if I get a future romantic interest that starts to look serious, but still, it's a big influence. Making it more complicated are ideas like buy the house, but sell it soon, trying to leverage Mo's deal while still planning to live a bit smaller.

I welcome anyone's feedback...obviously I'm not posting my financial numbers for just anyone to see, but still, I'd like to gain some benefit from anyone else's past experience...

backlog flush #17

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January 22, 2003
Man, not too harp on it, but it is so cold. It feels like I can almost sense the cold seeping into the bones of the house, gradually taking it over. I don't think that's how it's actually going to work out, but still.
  • Interesting concept, someone viewing the letters section of "Robert Merry's Museum", a children's magazine of the 1800s, as kind of an early primitive online community.
  • "A man who lies cannot love."
    "Now that sounds like a fortune cookie."
    -- from the movie Cactus Flower
  • Some cool old videogame material...I liked the old Atari catalogs. Its parent page has some neat stuff as well.
  • I'm not sure why I backlogged the lyrics to Bury Me Deep, but it's kind of a cool idea, being buried in such a way (without casket or cremation) that you can return to nature...
  • ZZZonline, a cool weekly newsletter about technology, talked about how some of the new euro coins can act as batteries when touched by sweaty hands, releasing a lot of dangerous nickel in the process.
  • "For most middle-class savers, ruthless economizing is a little like volunteering for poverty so that you can live in diminished circumstances at some later, possibly postnuclear, date."
    --Denis Boyles from The Modern Man's Guide To Life. Sometimes I wonder about if it's still a good idea, like as an emergency preparedness thing in case of a big terrorist attack.
  • For the "get around to it someday" file, I want to make some of my own photo mosaics from my own image collection. Mazaika is one tool for that, Commuter is another. (that second page though...links are in colored boxes? Who the heck thinks it's a good idea to make links look like keywords from a Google cache search?)
  • Résumé discussion: on slashdot, SAGEwire, and Ask The Headhunter.
  • I kisrael'd Make Your Own Bush Speech a while back, mentioning it was a little annoying that you couldn't repeat phrases. And making the rounds now is someone who made the video that everyone would want to make with that toy using real State of the Union footage, expertly spliced.
  • X-Entertainment and Yesterdayland are the sites that come up most often when I'm googling for random toys I remember from my childhood, like Leon Neon (I was thinking of the stupid song..."Shine on, Leon Neon!") and Madballs, as covered by X-E and Yesterdayland, respectively. This to the right is Oculus Orbus...he was the only Madball I actually owned...I thought a big eyeball was a lot cooler than the other monster faces, though the skull isn't so bad. To be fair, X-E is a lot more personal than Yesterdayland.

that's all there is

January 22, 2002
Aw, singer Peggy Lee has died. Her beatnik-tinged cover of "Fever" is one of my 10 favorite recordings ever, and "Is That All There Is?" is a pretty amazing theme as well...

Links of the Moment
Continuing the theme of celebrity death, a movie about the Bill Gates Shooting. (The Gates Estate is not amused.)

Quote of the Moment
"My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the hell she is."
--Ellen DeGeneres


January 22, 2001
Ramble of the Moment
Mo's left-handed. It's not so much that she's always moving the (wireless) mouse to the other side of the computer, it's that she then sees the mousepad as a little table, the most uncluttered flat surface of a messy desk. So she puts bills there. Or vitamins she means to take. Or a coffee cup.

Quote of a Previous Moment
"Just because there's a cup on it doesn't make it a coaster." --Phil the QA Guy, October 11 2000

Palm and Java Game
Another beautifully simple kinetic game that comes in PalmPilot and Java flavors is Noiz. The high graphics java version is a bit much, but it's a really cool idea, you feel like a ninjaworm running through showers of fireworks... it's really quite beautiful at times. A little repetitive, maybe. (For another great simple Palm game, check out what I had to say about SFCave-- unfortunately it runs a little slow on my new Palm IIIc)

The surprisingly generous Scientific American website has a brief overview of the state of Modern Cosmology. Amazing to try to think on the scale of the history of the Universe.

Ramble of the Other Moment
The snow arrived in force today. First major accumulation, on top of a layer of ice that hasn't gone away. There's not much to think about when you're shoveling, so I thought about Snow, and the recent Cruel Site of the Day, the President's Guide to Drug Slang, and that lead be to thinking about Cocaine and the President. I think people of my age probably have an exaggerated view of how bad Cocaine is. I mean, George W. Bush probably used it, and look where he is now... but we've been brought up to think, one snort, our lives are over. Maybe the scourge of crack moved us even further from the 70s... Anyway, conservatives can be such hypocrites in their support of Mr. Electability. The funny thing is, I don't think drug use should disqualify anyone from office, if it's not clearly trashing their life. But the bulk of his supporters probably do, and their the ones that the charade will continue on for.

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