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Slate tackles something I've wondered about: When did young folks start using both backpack straps?

(2) playlist october 2012
Found around 25 songs ("3 star and up") in October. 4 stars in red, links prefaced with a * are particularly fun to watch videos.

Bigband and/or Bigdrums
  • *Yeah Yeah (Willy Moon) Admittedly I almost like the 30 second Apple ad better, but the percussion in this song makes it the only one I'm labeling with 4-stars this month.
  • Sparkling Diamonds (Moulin Rouge! Soundtrack) I've had the album for a while... can't believe I didn't give the beautiful horn hit at the begining 3 stars years ago!
Love Found
  • Collide (Howie Day) Soft and sweet, almost shmaltzy.
  • Rhythm Of Love (Plain White T's) Also soft and sweet but with ukuleles.
  • *That Man (Caro Emerald) Veronika mentioned this album last year. Besides the nice retro feel, I love the faux-phonecall wooing by some Don Juan (at about 3:16 in)
  • Drive By (Train) Maybe technically more Love Lost? Whatevs.
Love Lost Hiphop
  • Sesame Street [Explicit] (Blowfly) Oh man, the lyrics of this A-Z rundown are funny and FILTHY, but the beat is SO GOOD.
  • He Got Game (Public Enemy) Dig Chuck D's lyrics ("folks don't even own themselves / paying mental rent to corporate presidents") overcome Flava Flav's rambles on the Explicit version.
  • Girl On Fire (Inferno Version) (Alicia Keys / Nicki Minaj) The sparse but huge beat and rap intro make up for the overly repetitive chorus.
  • Pony Pop (DJ Amtrak / Ginuwine / Lil Wayne) There's a whole blog Dancing Along to Pony, and it's a great riff, but better when mashed up with some modern sexed up hiphop.
  • *Gold Digger (Glee Cast) Funny how every "ass" is censored-- makes the core message left behind that much more offensive. Still, the choral backgrounds punchup a good song.
  • *Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury (Epic Rap Battles of History)
80s/90s Retro Rural
  • East Bound And Down (Jerry Reed) From "Smokey and the Bandit", not sure where I saw it. Fun song though.
  • Johnny Law (William Elliott Whitmore) Banjo player at Harvard Square was covering this.
  • *Thank Heavens for Little Girls (Ruby and Lesley Rankine) Ha, I had to rip this from the commercial that I loved in the 90s. It turns out there was no full length version of the song. There's a minute version of the commercial, but the 30 seconds has the good bits and no voiceover.
  • Monsters (Monsters Are Waiting) A suicide girls video once had this odd little work.
  • Red Alert (K5) Surprisingly hard club track to find, despite its use in "Chasing Amy"

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"What did the guy say to his glasses? I can see right through you."
--Joke I made up this morning. While looking for my glasses.
Fetch from the stick's PoV:

"We canít say that steroids caused any one home run by Barry Bonds, but steroids sure helped him hit more and hit them farther. Now we have weather on steroids."
--Eric Pooley, VP of the Environmental Defense Fund, on Superstorm Sandy fun visual puns about disney + star wars -- only 1 darth-in-mickey ears.
"I will never apologize for America"
--Mitt Romney banner ad.

"I will never apologize for the United States -- I don't care what the facts are..."
--VP George Bush.

I hate Republicans. The idea that we are above apology is disgusting.

(4) mad monkey
--Messing around with trying to get beyond simple lines and definite edges in my doodling. I like how it looks more dynamic, though I don't know if it would work with color.

(5) lego a go go

AFOL A Blocumentary from AFOL on Vimeo.

--My mom mentioned a Sunday Morning special on these guys... I really need to break out by giant tub of bricks more often!

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It's kind of telling and damning of the gamer community how many Wikipedia video game pages get stuck on the game's "coming soon" phase.

from Wendy's-- it's not a fork or a spoon or even a spork....
more of a "spoo"

(7) so disturbing but it has a nice beat

--JZ pointed this one out to me a while back. Spooky! (This was yesterday's entry 'til I made the Jack-O-Lantern thing...)

(15) simple as do re mi
So one of my playlists is called "Psyched", and its meant to be music that's energizing to work to.

Some of the songs aren't necessarily that fast but they have a certain feel... I thought of it in terms and invoking this certain kind of dance, and only recently did I realize that the dance I was thinking of was Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith in the original movie Clerks:

Looking for that, I found the 1 2 3, A B C dance number from Clerks 2... man, that song has it all-- (beides some raw PG13 language etc), pretty gal bopping along in a tank top, individuals gettin' into the groove, extended version of the song w/ a nice drumbreak, big bollywood/Drew Carey show group dancing, terrific punch line. 2 thumbs up.

Article of the Moment
Why Zen Software Design Does Not Come From Japan. While I kind of dislike the facile "UI elegance and minimalism = ZEN!" bit, the insights as to how Japanese cellphones are bullet-point-based, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink, minimalism is for old art was intriguing. I wish that I didn't get the feeling Windows Vista was heading the same way. (I started a thread on slashdot about Windows Vista, and how things stack up against OSX, etc etc that I think got fairly good, at least for people interested in the topic.)

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"Davis Square: the Paris of the 90s". Heh.

(28) rabbit rabbit rabbit
It's really tough to dress for an autumnal commute that's split between riding a bike (cold and windy) and a T-ride (warm and toasty).

I bought some serious bike gloves, with rubber grips and odd padding, like my hand was wearing falsies. So now that I'm bundling up with those gloves and my Nokia winter hat, I guess it's time to give up the sandals. Plus, my toes were frickin' freezing.

List of the Moment
Slate's running a bunch of excerpts from Military Blogs, people stationed in Iraq, and I found the list of "good-to-have equipment" captivating, its mix of humdrum civilian goods (MP3 players, 12V car chargers) and military specialty needs (Drop Leg Holster, non-sand-attacting weapons lube).

Quote of the Moment
"The one serious conviction that a man should have is that nothing is to be taken too seriously."
--Nicholas Butler. Sometimes I feel that's my modus operandi, but then I think the problem is that I take EVERYTHING too seriously, or rather, I just proceed from one narrow, momentarily all-encompassing-pursuit to another, and so the side effect is that when everything is taken so seriously, nothing is.

Literary Mystery of the Moment
Ugh, I'm turning into such a Slate groupie. Anyway, here's Slate's Joshua Glen tackling a literary mystery I hadn't heard of, the "little nameless object" manufactured in Woollett, Mass, in Henry James' The Ambassadors. He makes a good case, and covers the history of the mystery very well.

(34) gimme some candy!
Miller got some Halloween candy for last night, but we live on a poor street for trick-or-treaters, so we get to keep all the candy for ourselves.

The thing is, Miller and I have a fundamental disagreement about candy: for me, there's a near absolute hierarchy: any Halloween candy with chocolate is more desirable than anything without. There might be an exception to this rule now and then, but in general it holds. Miller disagrees, claiming that chocolate can get squished and mushed and it really is more situation dependent than that.


But seriously, any one else want to weigh in?

Politics of the Moment
Jimminy Crickets, it's not bad enough Kerry lost the 2004 election, now he's trying to poison the democrat's mid-term chances, attracting attention in the most negative way possible, and away from the already fading interest in Republican scandals. The implication that American troops are undereducated ignoramus, that military life is the option once you haven't applied yourself in other fields, is the least politically correct thing I've heard any politician utter in recent memory. In the comments TSM points out the missing "us", but it was a dumb joke to begin with, and terribly delivered. More in the comments.

Image and Video of the Moment
A pelican eating a pigeon, via this's Image of the Day. The youtube video was pretty amazing as well. And frankly, funny. It's a combination of that "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" vibe along with the sheer comedy gold of a pelican's big wobbly underbeak. I wonder if the pelican is at risk for damage from a scratchy pecky pigeon. Or for coughing up feathers for the next week.

(3) what's the buzz
Article of the Moment
This guy makes beekeeping sound pretty dang cool.

Definitions of the Moment
SCIENCE: A way of finding things out and then making them work. Science explains what is happening around us the whole time. So does RELIGION, but science is better because it comes up with more understandable excuses when it's wrong. There is a lot more Science than you think.
from A Scientific Encyclopedia
for the Inquiring Young Nome
by Angalo de Haberdasheri

--Terry Pratchett, "Wings", third of the Bromeliad Trilogy. Geared as children's literature but a very good read, especially the first one "Truckers".

(9) november pain
Quote of the Moment
"Every player who excels in the college game has a modicum of bloodlust; as Bill Parcells once noted, football isn't a game for well-adjusted adults."
--Brendan I. Koerner in this older Slate piece on Why some NFL players are meaner than others. And with that, the Patriots record-breaking, absolutely historic winning streak came to an end...

Link of the Moment
You probably have to be geeky to get this but this Slashdot link comparing Linux Gentoo users to "Ricers" really amused me...because I tend to see computers as more-or-less appliances, at least as far as the hardware and OS goes, I'm amused by people who go nuts trying to tweak their systems. ("Ricers" is a disparaging term for guys who take Japanese cars and tweak them for "better performance"...the most obvious sign of Ricers are super big rear spoilers and those giant exhaust pipes)

Video of the Moment
--Cobra Commander for President! Stop the wasteful GI Joe Boondoggle that's taking the taxpayers money!

(11) november
Welcome to November!

Video of the Moment
This is how the world ends / This is how the world ends / This is how the world ends / Not with a bang but a flash video. Ok, maybe some bangs in there too. (It sounds a bit like Mario Twins, not sure if its the same guys or not.)

Gamer Link of the Moment
I found this making of (the Xbox game) Halo article reprinted from the UK "Edge" magaine was a decent read, though I'm yet to really have played the game.

(14) no vim, brrrr
Another month has arrived. Time goes by quickly, on the other hand events at the start of October seema long long way away; I wasn't even doing intraday updates of

Added two new pages to the Features sidebar, both compilations of previous work: small gif cinema and the javascript gamebuttons. The latter page got some attention on one of my favorite sites (and uncredited sources of kisrael links) boingboing, who called it "just about the coolest goddamned webthing, ever". I resisted urge to be a further hit whore by adding in a lot of links back to the daily entries the games premiered in.

Mixed Metaphor of the Moment
"I broke your pomegranate cherry?"
--CJP mixes a metaphor, 2002.10.30. Indeed, I had never had a pomegranate before. What an odd, alien-seeming fruit, where you scoop out the red seeds from their white nesting lattice and then chew their covering.

Game Geek Link of the Moment
It's the GameSpy Grudge Match. This week: Mega Man vs. Bomberman. Their archive and writing is decent, though probably not as sharp as the original WWWF Grudgematch...its set of past matches is worth skimming through, from "Gary Coleman vs. Webster" to "Bill the Cat vs. Odie".

(8) where no whiny teen has gone before
Link of the Moment
Somehow I missed the Wil Wheaton Responds To Your Questions when it first came out on slashdot, but John was talking about. He got an early big break in "Stand By Me" and he also played Wesley on Star Trek: The Next Generation. (He was kind of the Barney the Dinosaur of the show, the character it was cool for everyone to hate.) Interestingly, he's become a fairly mainstream geek, albeit one who can act. He runs his own website and takes everything in good humor, as long as you don't think an abundance of "I was with your mother last night" jokes eliminates the possiblity of "good" humor.

Funny of the Moment
I've seen news reports that the PO is going to irradiate the mail with gamma rays. Gamma rays and microwaves are so completely different that I can easily believe that one would work, but not the other. Microwaves are actually radio waves, which are much, much lower on the electromagnetic spectrum than gamma rays.

--David Carson and TomR@Fred.Net on

Flash Movie of the Moment
The Screener is a minimalist flash movie, four brief episodes. Not screamingly funny but with a quirky appeal. (via cruel site of the day)

KHftCEA 2000-11.1 November

KHftCEA 2000-11.1 November

I am so sick of hearing about this election, especially since such a dumbkof like W has a chance of winning.  Is he even that likable?

Got a note from Lee, now safely in Phoenix.  Said the midwest was scary, especially Oklahoma, so I said that we should tell 'em if they don't get a clue they have to give their goddamn musical back.

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