Watched the Mr. Rogers documentary last night, very misty.

Sort of tangentially related, in the sense of appreciation of the world and the particular kind of mindfulness and attention he cultivated: the medium-thick layer of snow, bonded with a bit of ice, was immensely satisfying to brush off the car this morning, sliding off in gratifyingly large hunk sheets.

Also I'd love to see more of his ("Old Friends...New Friends") 1978 series (20 episodes) targeted at grown-ups. Had no idea such a thing existed.
The Three Rhetorical Tricks That Bind Trump to his Base
Hmm. There's this idea in the Scot Adams crew that Trump is a "master persuader" and "playing 4 dimensional chess". That's only partially true - he's not good at persuading people in general, but he gets more and more loyalty from his base, and he has excellent instincts for playing a room (probably honed during his WWE wrasslin' + Vince McMahon shaving days) as long as it is supportive people - and then by being utterly willing to ignore standards of decency and respectful conversation. Or conversation, for that matter, from him the sh*t only rolls downhill (with Sean Hannity and Fox News carrying the buckets up and getting him all hot and bothered.)
I don't buy the "Everyone is doing their best" theory. I know firsthand that I'm not.
@girlwithatail (whoa, her profile picture has the same "red hat with silver puffy wings" cap I have- I think it's "Vegimals" from the 70s.)
I really love the twitter account PETSCIIBOTS - PETSCII was the character / font set Commdore Computers used, and these are visually very clever robots made out of those letters, symbols, and colors. (See also ASCIIbotics Lab's work - less colorful but still very very clever, with some randomizers built-in as well.)
Yeesh, this handsoap pump is like a piece of citrus getting drunk on ginger schnapps and then throwing up on your hand.
Melissa (paraphrased)
February 17, 2019
I have a notebook from when I was 18, the summer before college.

I had designed T-shirts for my high school's jazz band the years previous, and I guess the band was still the focus of tooling around with some design stuff, and so I made this:

I've always enjoyed handcrafting blockletters, and I believe I made these by drawing the 3D extrusion behind the letters and then just filling in the extruded bits on the page in front.

Anyway, I realized I can now have the mojo to get a computer to do most of the work for me, and so I made fgrtext: figure-ground reversal (the fancy word I saw for it on wikipedia's entry for negative space.) It's a little virtual toy to mess around with the words, colors and other factors.

I made it so you can bookmark creations - here are some designs I made for 222 Street Jazz:


and JP Honk:
On my devblog, ripping music the old-fashioned way, with a history of the 80s/90s/2000s ways of carrying music, and then realizing there's a USB dongle that let me rip some obscure stuff off of youtube that you can't get legitimately anywhere.
Huh. 7 years ago I linked to this article on how Zelda was broken, and longing for a return to a difficult and "indifferent to the player" Hyrule ("But a world is *not for you*. A world needs a substance, an independence, a sense that it doesn't just disappear when you turn around (even if it kinda does)") I think that's exactly what we got with "Breath of the Wild"...
Less than 24 hours after declaring a national emergency, President Trump's motorcade has arrived at Trump National Golf Club in West Palm Beach. This is the 169th day he has spent at one of the Trump Property golf clubs.

spidergoat, spidergoat...
C'mon. Obama pushed for his electoral mandate and popular vote victory of healthcare with politics and compromise, not a trumped up facts-don't-matter "emergency". This is dangerous territory.

being a bad negotiator is not a national emergency

Mexico was going to pay for the wall
Mexico was going to pay for the wall
Mexico was going to pay for the wall
Mexico was going to pay for the wall...

Repubs must not allow Pres Obama to subvert the Constitution of the US for his own benefit & because he is unable to negotiate w/ Congress.