August 16, 2018

IMO one of the most important episodes yet, the Fringe Game History Podcast interviews Shawn Hargreaves who started the Allegro game programming library in the 90s. I missed out on it for the most part, but it was hugely influential.
RIP Aretha Franklin

roger screws up

August 15, 2018

--an old favorite Far Side of mine. I know the feel.
I'm having a pretty severe case of "why is there no time during a week"?

I feel like there was a time where there was an ok balance for, say, reading, projects, and video games, as well as some quality time with an SO.

I guess the main culprit is band tuba stuff. It's at least 2 chunks of time a week, usually a bit more. And it's a highly rewarding activity, but not cheap.

It seems like if you work you kind of have to pick a single free time activity (like "kids", for some people!) and everything else goes around the edges. (Maybe even if you're not working) Maybe with intense discipline you could get 2 or 3 big things juggle at once, but man. It's not easy.

live like an animal or die quote

August 14, 2018
"There are two adults and one child. Majority rules. Live like an animal or die."
--James Israel (my dad) circa 1974 (i.e. shortly before my birth) 20 years ago I recorded this quote via my mom, but didn't write the context, which was the two of them reflecting on how life would change with the addition of a baby.
The New Nancy by Olivia James is really good!

I went back and read the recent series about the charaters at Art Camp, great fun. Art-y and Camp-y.
Melissa: "[pokes at puffy part of blouse] [sighs] Oh... I was hoping it was air. It's stomach."

¡7 Trombones for niños y niñas! project

August 13, 2018
I ran a fundraiser the Banda de Música Juvenil de Loma Larga La Unión El Salvador - a program that gets musical instruments and training into the hands of boys and girls in El Salvador, and helps keep them out of gangs. With my buddies on FB, the matching funds I put in, and a donation from JP Honk, Omar(the man organizing it) wrote "Hay están los instrumentos del dinero que ustedes donaron se compraron 7 trombones 3 clarinete y 4 flautas trasversales" (There are the money instruments that you donated, 7 trombones 3 clarinet and 4 transverse flutes were purchased)

August 12, 2018

"The Marines don't have any race problems. They treat everybody like they're black."
--Gen Daniel "Chappie" James Jr., USAF, the first African American to reach the rank of four-star General.

August 11, 2018

via NPR, "the accomplished Indian percussionist B.C. Manjunath. He's a master of konnakol -- the Carnatic, or South Indian, art of speaking percussive syllables in rapid-fire, intricate patterns to convey a larger thalam, or rhythmic cycle."

8/10/2018 happy palindrome day

August 10, 2018
Happy Palindrome Day to my American friends. Which is most of them. Oh and me.
I'd be willing to put this song on a playlist just for the title ("nobody loves a computer because a computer does not dance") but not for 15 minutes worth...

Rachel Platten's "Fight Song"... it seems oddly unenergetic...