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Was thinking about the old "If You Call Me Without First Texting To Notify That You're Calling, You're A Monster" meme, and how it does and doesn't apply for me.

I've been working up a somewhat more regular rotation for phone calls of people I'm close to and I generally try just calling - most notably my mom, but then a few other friends.

I guess that doesn't count... all those non-Mom people have all been in the category of "best friend" at some point in my life. And in some of the cases there's a typical weekly time where I'm more likely to call, so it's not out of the blue.

Of course, I kind of got the idea by based on how my friend JZ (no not that Jay-Z) started calling me. And it reminds me of how some close friendships get sparked with an act of courage (or maybe the brave person is just oblivious or come from a different cultural set of expectations?) where they suggest hanging out... almost like asking for a date, minus the romance.

And pondering on cultural differences... I remember witnessing some folks here from Russia, where just dropping by the house was more of a norm for family and close friends. It's like they're living a 90s sitcom!

Getting back to phone calls - There can be a kind of asymmetry if it's always one side who calls the other, but it's wrong to assumes the callee has less strong feelings than the caller... it can also be based on bravery or depression or cultural expectations or just timing.
Interesting if true!

As my friend Julian puts it, only half winkingly: "God blessed me by making me transsexual for the same reason God made wheat but not bread and fruit but not wine, so that humanity might share in the act of creation."
Daniel Mallory Ortberg


Bump stocks!


Fuck this bought and paid for driving-for-theocracy SCOTUS, built by Republicans abso-fucking-lutely cheating, and getting tons of hither to undisclosed trips by big money donors.

Even Trump fucking knows it: 'Trump described bump stocks at the time as converting "legal weapons into illegal machines."'
Got a new job! It's a hybrid role in Boston at a cool place called CodaMetrix.

I kind of dig being in an office space again at least some of the time. Yeah WFH has its pluses, but it also kinda turns your home into a bit of a prison.

Anyway, I wanted a new mouse and I bought this one from Amazon because of visibility and its goofy anime-influence styling (also now I realize its USB option makes more sense for my home setup than its BT modes - not sure about the LED stripe though). I kind of love that it has a typo "Compfortable"
Why Russia is Happy at War from The Atlantic
Sometimes these conversations took a sudden prurient turn, like when a haphazardly tattooed psychology student with whom I'd been discussing SpongeBob SquarePants sent me an unsolicited photo of his confusingly shaped penis.

Three things a lot of techies think are cool that I don't:
  1. dark/night mode
  2. black/super-dark-gray as the best color for Macbooks
  3. shared passwords (like for wifi) in l33tsp34k. For people who have synesthesia or are generally more phonetic in their word processing than visual, l33tsp3ak sucks. "4" goes with "r" not "A", duh (I have a relic from my early childhood where I scribbled my name KI4K)
As either Denzel Washington, Cicely Tyson or some other fucker (google isn't sure) once said, "a uHaul does not follow the hearse."
Self Help Singh, "Things to ponder while taking a shit: Lessons on unfucking your life"

Sometimes you have to reconcile the notion that your competency maxes out at a mere 3 out of 10.

What is important is not your score. What is important is that you understand that you still serve a purpose, even if that purpose is to make marginally average people look like fucking rocket scientists.
Self Help Singh, "Things to ponder while taking a shit: Lessons on unfucking your life"

A car window shatters more easily when it is fully closed.

A window that is slightly open to world, is able to absorb sudden impact without shattering or cracking under the pressure.

Make what you will of this metaphor.

There is no wrong conclusion here.

Except, of course that you should leave your car window open during a rain storm.
Self Help Singh, "Things to ponder while taking a shit: Lessons on unfucking your life"

Chasing after something or someone who has already demonstrated that they don't feel the same way, is like trying to sell oxygen to a person in a foreign language.

They are already getting the oxygen from somewhere or someone else, and they do not understand what you are talking about.
Self Help Singh, "Things to ponder while taking a shit: Lessons on unfucking your life"

"Fool me once, Fuck you! Fool me twice, Fuck me!"
Self Help Singh, "Things to ponder while taking a shit: Lessons on unfucking your life"

10 out of 10 betrayers are not strangers.
Self Help Singh, "Things to ponder while taking a shit: Lessons on unfucking your life"
The other day Connections taught me a black / "urban" colloquialism/euphemism: "feeling some type of way". (And here I thought the Connections editors were just being weirdly vague)

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waiting for Boston Pride
I love "The Commonwealth Requires the Education of the People as the Safeguard of Order and Liberty" on the BPL
At the Leftist Marching Band's 20th Birthday Party gig