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December 2, 2022
So grateful for the app "audio highjack" letting me cleanly rip soundtracks from youtube etc... I mean I always try to buy music when I can but I don't want e-availability to stop me...

Everybody Wants To Rule the World
Good cover right out of the How To Make A Blockbuster Movie Trailer playbook...
30,000 Lbs. Of Bananas
Harry Chapin
Was listening to Strong Song's deep dive into Weird Al's Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota and now I really think of it as basically a parody of this song...
St. James Infirmary
Louis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five
JP Honk was playing this for halloween and I got interested in different versions... always one of my favorite standards.
DATURA [paroxysm]
via tumblr
Someday I Suppose
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
I was really getting into the idea of their dancer Benn Carr and wanted at least one song that wasn't The Impression That I Get....

Last Wave
They Might Be Giants
So I guess this song was originally a bad lip reading of the Run DMC/Aerosmith "Walk This Way"???

Lady Mine (feat. Chad Kroeger)
Josh Ramsay
My friend JZ sends me songs he thinks I'll like... this is one of the few straight forward rockers that hits, a lot of 80s/90s feel to it.

I Really Want to Stay at Your House
Rosa Walton & Hallie Coggins
5 star! I really love the juxtaposition of wistful title and great funk tinged percussion...
Exactly Like You
Rebirth Brass Band
Another song JP Honk does.

Mind Your Manners (feat. Icona Pop)
Chiddy Bang
Forget where I heard this modern hip hop, like the chorus sound.
Give Me Rain
A fire spinner at a party JP Honk was hired for did some of her routine to this song--

Girlboss Tuba Solo
Nora Nalepka w/ Lucky Chops
Little excerpt I'm trying to learn from... she really knows how to command a crowd with her tuba...
Is It Wicked Not To Care?
Belle and Sebastian
Heard at "Squealing Pig" after our trip to the MFA.... love the title, kind of like "Is It Evil Not To Be Sure"...
Like a Virgin - Blond Ambition Tour
The new Weird Al "biopic" had a weird amount of Madonna... I ripped this fron youtube from her stage performance, on the bed with the male dancers in cone bras...

Freestyler 2019
Bomfunk MC's
House music... Another one I had to rip from youtube... kind of a classic, the 2019 version seems pretty close to the original...
Super Mario Bros. Theme
Scott Bradlee
Fun ragtime cover of Super Mario Bros.

Good Conversations Have Lots of Doorknobs Great reminder to create affordances for your conversational partners!

I was struck by the reference to how "We overestimate the awkwardness of deep talk and so we stick to the boring, affordance-less shallows." I know I love getting into deep conversations- right now I'm especially interested in how people feel about the management of their own emotional landscapes.

(Conversely, and maybe ironically, I have less patience for mutual "well how do you feel about ____" exchanges, like just gauging people's temperature about stuff. I don't think my preferences and opinions are that important for their own sake...)
December 1, 2022

Open Photo Gallery

you dont have to be a parent to understand the horror of walking into a room to discover that the baby crawled out of his crib and onto that pottery wheel you forgot to turn off, and while the baby is spinning around and around, the dog is sitting there all calm, like a person, gently using his paws to fashion the babys soft cartilage head into something a little more modern. it might be the classic tale of bad parenting, but lets see where the dog is going with this

Open Photo Gallery

November 29, 2022

I made a little game to celebrate:

My friend Jeremy Penner pointed me to a browser playable version of Rally 1000 for Palm. It's far and away the most elegant version of Mille Bornes I've ever played, my real go-to time filler game back in the 90s.

my government assigned gender today (what)
"Do you ever eat popcorn out of the palm of your own hand with such ardent desperation that you feel like both a wild horse and the gentle schoolgirl feeding it treats to gain its affection"

"rain or lava that thinks for itself" - god, a couple of days before inventing animals