Ramble of the Moment
Mo's left-handed. It's not so much that she's always moving the (wireless) mouse to the other side of the computer, it's that she then sees the mousepad as a little table, the most uncluttered flat surface of a messy desk. So she puts bills there. Or vitamins she means to take. Or a coffee cup.

Quote of a Previous Moment
"Just because there's a cup on it doesn't make it a coaster."
Phil the QA Guy, October 11 2000

Palm and Java Game
Another beautifully simple kinetic game that comes in PalmPilot and Java flavors is Noiz. The high graphics java version is a bit much, but it's a really cool idea, you feel like a ninjaworm running through showers of fireworks... it's really quite beautiful at times. A little repetitive, maybe. (For another great simple Palm game, check out what I had to say about SFCave-- unfortunately it runs a little slow on my new Palm IIIc)

The surprisingly generous Scientific American website has a brief overview of the state of Modern Cosmology. Amazing to try to think on the scale of the history of the Universe.

Ramble of the Other Moment
The snow arrived in force today. First major accumulation, on top of a layer of ice that hasn't gone away. There's not much to think about when you're shoveling, so I thought about Snow, and the recent Cruel Site of the Day, the President's Guide to Drug Slang, and that lead be to thinking about Cocaine and the President. I think people of my age probably have an exaggerated view of how bad Cocaine is. I mean, George W. Bush probably used it, and look where he is now... but we've been brought up to think, one snort, our lives are over. Maybe the scourge of crack moved us even further from the 70s... Anyway, conservatives can be such hypocrites in their support of Mr. Electability. The funny thing is, I don't think drug use should disqualify anyone from office, if it's not clearly trashing their life. But the bulk of his supporters probably do, and their the ones that the charade will continue on for.