February 4, 2001
Keyboard Fun
Just got one of those Microsoft split keyboards for home, like I have at work. Except all they have are the 'pro' model, with USB connectors, and a row of special shortcut buttons at the top. I'm not sure what I think of those. Except for volume +/-, they're pretty much all things I don't really need or have my fingers trained for already, in terms of using the existing keyboard shortcuts. (Of course, I used to think 'damn windows key. I can just use ctrl-escape!') Actually, it is kind of annoying how small the spacebar is becoming these days. That shortcut key on the right side for the context menu is well night useless, generally I have to click on the thing anyway.

It's also funny that they've started labeling common keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-N, etc., with captions. It feels like I'm back on my Commodore 64 with all the graphical shortcuts. Even odder is that the symbol they decided to use for Ctrl, a circle with 3 lines cutting through it, looks a lot like the Netscape ship steering wheel as it appears on the taskbar.

Actually, I really wish I could have an ergonomic keyboard without the stupid numberpad. It's just a space hogging unused piece of electrocrap.

Link of the Moment
This is pretty scary: Ouchy the Clown. He even does meetings! (via CamWorld).

Having an odd little e-mail discussion with this one guy, who wrote me about my mortality pages. I guess he disagrees with the idea of matter being the 'ultimate reality', he thinks that some consciousness is what everything is based on, that The Matrix is a good metaphor for What's Really Going On. I dunno, we'll see what turns up.