on the nature of time

So the month is half over, and taxes are due. Yikes! Mo's amazing and she did them for me. She rocks so much.

Anyways, I was always trying to figure out why the first part of a month would slip away so quickly, but then I realized it was part of the nature of weeks and two digit numbers... the first few days of the months slip by, you're busy thinking "hey, new month." And then a week starts (Sunday or Monday depending on how you count) and it goes by, right? And it's a decent length of a week, probably, maybe it goes slow, maybe it goes fast. But then... it's the tenth already! You're in the double digits... and if you're not careful, it can freak you out, and make you think time (and by extension life) is going faster than it is.

Anyway, Mo's dad is running the Boston Marathon, like his fifth or something... but this time he'll probably take it easy, enjoy the high-fiving and the like.

Information Toy of the Moment
So... another little toy to go along with yesterdays date-distance-mapper-- this one tells you what day of the week any given date is. (I was reading "Bridget Jone's Diary" and I realized I could figure out what year it took place in just by correlating the date and the day of the week, with checking the 'current events' of the book to get it in the ballpark. 1995, for the record, where Christmas is on a Monday.)
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Link of the Moment
Today Suck had a really cool pointed article on the economy.