spring forward

Spring forward! Finally. Though it seems odd to think that we're halfway to the longest days of the year already...

Funny of the Moment
We felt we ought to take at least one ride that has earned a yellow international warning triangle ("might be intense for children and some adults"), and that's how we chose The Haunted Mansion, in which people travel around in chairs through--you know, an upmarket haunted house. This, in fact, produced a moment of intensity, a holiday from confusion, in which I had the following clear thoughts: People die, sometimes suddenly. Suppose I did here. That would be such an irresistibly amusing anecdote for my survivors that what little dignity had accompanied this life would be gone forever. I was very glad to get out of The Haunted Mansion alive.
Richard Todd, "Lost in the Magic Kingdom" from May's The Atlantic

Link of the Moment
Stressed out? Layoff rumors abounding? Then maybe you need a Moment of Simplicity...kind of goofy, and ultimately an advertisement, but kind of neat.