[insert size joke here]

Backlog Link of the Moment
Tiny Games for Windows. They're really really tiny. Unfortunately, some of the more interesting arcade ones on the right need the original ROMS to work...but one of my favorites, Tiny Invaders (shown actual size here: ) doesn't. It's a bit smaller than most of them, and shows up in the SysTraym by the clock. (Make sure to read the read me files they include to know the controls.)

Lite News of the Moment
My mom actually sent this one along, UK McDonalds to make hedgehog friendly icecream cups. I'm just getting this image of chubby English hedgehogs.

Quote of the Moment
Life isn't, and has never been, a 2-0 home victory against the League leaders after a fish-and-chip lunch.
A lot of UKisms I'm not quite picking up in this book. Maybe I like this quote because it has some of the lingo, but not too much.