the snow blows

I'm really amazed that it seems I have never recorded my favorite winterism "the snow blows" in any previous journal entry, from my PalmPilot based days 'til my curent Weblog.

Anyway, there's a lot of snow on the ground, and it's still snowing. Ugh.

Flash Movie of the Moment
Brooklyngirl made a really terrific brief Flash movie, so close, so far that she let me submit to the loveblender on her behalf. I need to catch up on her livejournal, see if there are any other goodies in there.

Incidentally, brooklyngirl is still on her quest to communicate with Paul Reubens (of Pee Wee Herman fame) by way of saving his .com domain for him. So if you know someone who knows someone, let him know to check it out.