sit and spin

February 9, 2003
I've noticed that so far, "yesterday's" comment link seems to be about or more popular than today's link. That might indicate that my new layout isn't good, with the comment link at the top of the entry next to the title...perhaps people start looking for a link at the end of what they've just read, and the first thing that comes to eye is the comment link for the next day. Hrmmm.

I noticed one of the CNN channels has a big colored box with "Threat Level Orange" on it, 24/7. That can't be healthy.

I spent a big part of yesterday browsing the archives at, the blog of the little brother of a girl I went with in high school. I have this delusion that I was a huge influence on him, though considering he was in third grade at the time, he mostly remembers that I was huge (a lot taller than him (of course) as well as the rest of his family for the most part) with giant shoes. He's an interesting guy though, finishing up his Senior year at my high school alma mater. Anyways, in the finest blog tradition he's borrowed some quotes and links from me, and I'm now sure to return the favor, like today's Image of the Moment...

Image of the Moment

Quote of the Moment
The only truth in the universe is that there are absolutely no truths, not even the one about there being none.