i am not a bot...i am a hu-man

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February 28, 2003
Quote of the Moment
I don't think bots are the problem... I've had several online conversations which I'd assumed were chat-bots but turned out to be real people. I guess when Turing designed his test, he probably didn't anticipate the massive advances in human stupidity that we've witnessed in the last few decades
The Turing tests say, basically, if someone who tries can't tell a typing computer from a typing human, than it's not reasonable to argue that we haven't achieved Artificial Intelligence. Putting that simple test into practice has proved problematic, as the Salon article goes on about.

Link of the Moment
High concept: songlines of NYC, merging concepts of aboriginal landmark songs with linking and footnoting. I guess it's likely to work a bit better for NYC thanks to the grid like layout of Manhattan...

Arcade of a Past Moment
A moment of respectful silence, if you would, for the recent demise of "Midway Games West"--the last incarnation of the arcade division of Atari games. This Gamespy article counts down the top ten, and ends by mentioning another ten classics the company brought to life to eat the quarters right out of your pocket. I think Atari will always be more known for the at home fun of the 2600, but I had forgotten how much arcade goodness they brought to the world.