give me a g! give me a nius!

Quote of the Moment
Let me put this in words even a genius could understand: YOU ARE NOT A GENIUS.
Hank Hill, "King of the Hill"

Article of the Moment
LA Weekly story on people who are really, really obsessed with Disneyland. Have I ever been that obsessed with anything? I dunno. I don't think so. I've been reasonably deep in a few hobbies like video games, but I can't think of anything that's inspired that level of devotion in me.

Poems of the Moment
If you got some time, check out the poems of Jason Pettus. He contacted me looking for some information on Cocheam, where we went in Germany, but he writes some good stuff, I'm trying to get a feature of his stuff on the 'Blender. If you're in a hurry just check out Jane the Geek.

Geek Link of the Moment
Heh...sidebar for a article: from 1976 Creative Computing, Playing PONG to Win! Show this to our grandkids.