it's not you

Quote of the Moment
It's not you, it's me. I don't like you.
Aeryn on the show "Farscape".
Mr. Lex posted that one on the comments yeterday. this page has the soundclip, along with another great quote from the character Chiana,
Look Aeryn, all men are stupid, OK? Men stupid! If you want them to know something you got to tell them.
This neatly summarizes at least part of what went wrong between Mo and me.

Link of the Moment
When Computer Geeks Dream. Not quite as cool as a typical Slow Wave, but still. If you're in a hurry, this Nethack dream is a quick giggle.

Ramble of the Moment
I'm back to a feeling of discontent with my last name "Israel". I guess to be honest my main beef is with every-frickin' body assuming I'm Jewish. It's not that I mind being linked with that religion/culture in particular, (though I'm sure I've received some minor negative as well as positive prejudice because of it,) it's just incorrect. And I'm not particularly happy with the nation of Israel right now, though I'm at the "a pox on both your houses" stage with that whole mess. And also, it's an irritating assumption. Is someone with the last name "English" definately gonna be Episcopalian? Is someone with the last name "Montana" going to be...well, whatever Montanans are?

Plus, it's one of the easiest names to spell incorrectly. People hear the "is" and the "real" and they put it together "just like it sounds". Fact is, the only time people pronounce it "IsrAel" is in that "O come, O come Emmanuel" christmas carol.

I guess if I'm at all serious about this now would be the best time, what with the divorce and all. Probably the easiest thing would be to just use my middle name as my last and just be "Kirk Logan" (Which would be kind of funny, I used "Logan" as my first name for a while in middle school) though I'm tempted by the Zenitude of "Kirk Is". Dave Johnson was mentioning a doctor he knew recently did the same middle-to-last thing, and I could see how "Dr. Barry" sounds a bit better than "Dr. Lipschitz".

So whaddya think, am I crazy? Would I be throwing away part of my identity? Would "" be that bad of a domain? (Just kidding, I'm meaning to start using anyway.)

Pop Culture of the Moment
Much has been made of the unrealistically large apartments the Friends inhabit, considering their various incomes as caterer, personal shopper, out-of-work actor. But the real fiction (and true appeal) of Friends is not the size of the apartment or the sex appeal of the stars so much as the much-missed, oft-lamented characteristic of dormlife: People drop by.
I've seen maybe 3 or 4 episodes...but Seinfeld has that same "friends drop by" vibe. It's why I liked semi-communal living back in the Big Yellow House, actually. I really miss that kind of casual socialization. Now the best you can hope for is a weekly-or-so "usual get together", like how I played darts with Peterman last night.