i'm listening to the universe weep

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June 10, 2004
Phew, like I said in yesterday's comments, it mighta been "worst. kisrael. ever." We might be going through some lean times here for a bit, content-wise, but I'm sure the site will bounce back once my schedule returns to normal. And once I find out where the batteries for my wireless mouse are....

Comic of the Moment
Buttercup Festival is a really lovely cartoon. Worth clicking through 'em all, but if you're in a hurry, see it mournful (or maybe just drugged out), optimistic in the face of mortality, and just plain wistful

Games Article of the Moment
With more and more realistic humans in video games, their creators are finding themselves stuck in the uncanny valley: so realistic that you start focusing on the unreality, and they seem like zombies...it makes me wonder if we process it with different parts of our brain. Most people can easily kind of lose themselves in a cartoon world, where everything is represented realistically. But on the other hand, the part of our brain that recognizes "real things" is pretty advanced and hard to fool...(Come to think of it, Wired talked about this already.)

Technology of the Moment
It's hard not to love the combination PDA/tricorder and Jedi floating practice droid NASA would like to put up their with the astronauts. Though I can just see the horror film potential now, if they somehow start running amuck...talk about having no place to run, no place to hide...(and judging by the sidebar photo, it's a lot bigger than I imagined, like medicine-ball sized.)